One of the best ways come beat the summer heat is through a beach day, and is located much less than an hour indigenous some great public beaches in the resources Region. To aid you start planning your following trip, we"ve highlighted everything you have to know around 5 of the finest beaches near

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Million dissension Beach

5 Beaches Under 60 minutes From (From Closest to Farthest)

Brown"s beach on Saratoga Lake

Distance native 35 minutes away

Want to hit the beach, but not go too far? Head increase the Northway come Brown"s beach on the southern end of Saratoga Lake. Though most of the lake is private, Brown"s Beach has actually public accessibility and a beach for sunbathing and also playing in the water. Through a shallow beginning area, Brown"s coast is likewise a good place to bring your kayak, paddleboard, or canoe for even an ext fun on the lake.

For 2021, the beach will certainly be open daily from Memorial day weekend - job Day weekend. The hours are 10:00am-7:00pm.

Grafton Lakes State Park Beach

Distance from 35 minute away

If you"re trying to find somewhere to swim near, friend should definitely check out long Pond at Grafton Lakes State Park. If you"re torn in between hitting the beach or trying out the trails, no need to choose! The best component about choose a park choose Grafton Lakes for her beach job is that there space plenty of outdoor tasks to satisfy your interests.

For 2021, the beach will certainly be open daily from may 29 - job Day. The hrs are 10:00am-6:00pm.

Grafton Lakes State Park Beach

Thompson"s Lake Campground Beach

Distance from 37 minute away

Thompson"s Lake Campground is located west that, and it functions a small bit that everything. Based within Thacher State Park, the campground has actually 140 wooded campsites, a sandy beach, nature trails, and also other locations for recreational activities, consisting of carry-in boat access.

For 2021, the beach will certainly be open up on weekends just from might 29 - June 20, and also then open everyday from June 26 - September 5. The hours are 10:00am-5:45pm.

Moreau Lake State Park Beach

Distance from 45 minutes away

Take a 45-minute drive north the come Gansevoort and enjoy a day in ~ Moreau Lake State Park. Nestled amid hardwood forests and also rocky ridges, this state park has a nice sandy coast on the west side of Moreau Lake. You have the right to relax and soak increase the sun, swimming in the calm water, or take it a hike ~ above the surrounding nature trails.

For 2021, the beach will be open day-to-day from Memorial work weekend v Labor work weekend. The hours are 10:00am-6:00pm.

Million Dollar coast on Lake George

Distance indigenous 58 minutes away

Offering a million dollar view of Lake George, Million Dollar coast (Lake George Beach) is a summer destination for locals and also tourists in the Lake George Region. Situated on the southerly shore, this huge beach is well worth the drive, and it"s perfect because that both sunbathing and also swimming. Boaters can additionally launch native the beach"s watercraft launch and access the boat inspection and also washing stations. Inspections and also boating washing are free.

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For 2021, the beach will certainly be open daily from might 29 - September 6. The hours are 10:00am-6:00pm.