Out that 198 countries around the world, just 9 countries start v L alphabet. Listed below is the information of all the countries starting with letter L. How many countries carry out you understand that start with alphabet L? I think you don’t know more than 5 countries and also that are enough. Anyways examine out below the finish list that countries starting with letter L.

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List of Countries start with Letter L


Flags of the countries that start with letter L

Details around Countries that starting with Letter L


Laos is a nation in southeast Asia. It is just one of the many mountainous regions in eastern Asia. Laos has so numerous tourist attractions and also filled with natural beauty. Officially recognized as the Lao People’s democratic Republic, that is a socialist republic led through a party composed greatly of military officials. The funding of Laos is Vientiane and also the official money is the Lao kip.

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Interesting facts around the nations that begin with L

countries the are located in Asia room 22.2% countries exist in Europe continent are 44.4%and couple of countries percentage likewise found in afri continent 33.3%There is no country in phibìc America, south America or Oceania that begin with LLibya is the biggest nation out of this 9 nations w.r.t soil or area.
percentage the the nations that start with l with respect to continent

Latvia is located in Europe and one the the country that start with letter L.

In public places, limited behavior is expected. Self-control, specifically with regard come anger, is highly valued. Until the identity of foreigners is established, Latvians try to stop recognizing the presence of others.

In the twelfth century ad some of Europe’s last pagans lived in Latvia. The Pope made decision to convert them to Christianity by force. In 1201 he sent German Crusaders commanded through the Bishop of Bremen Albert von Buxhöveden.


Located in Europe and one that the popular nations have many tourism capacity. As can plainly see that is additionally began with L letter.

The Lithuanians room a reserved and respectful people with tradition.They usually do not strive to greet who they carry out not know;People who take trip by public transport do not look directly at another person unless they are friends and also generally offer their seats to your elders.

People often lug a tiny gift of liquid or flowers as soon as they visit someone (always one odd variety of flowers uneven someone has passed away). The hosts room generous and also do their ideal to make the guest feeling comfortable.

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In 1316, Lithuania was united again by a male named Gediminas. He chose the location of grand battle each other instead that king and also under his rule Lithuania was strengthened . He made Vilnius the capital and motivated settlers from various other parts the Europe.


Similarly the LUXEMBOURG is likewise located and also one that the many visited country in Europe. It is also starting with letter L.

Luxembourgians believe that their cultural values ​​are obtained mainly from their French and non-German neighbors. However, they execute not admire the spontaneity the Latin culture. Punctuality is supposed at meetings, social activities and social events.

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