Out of 198 nations approximately the civilization, only 9 countries start through L alphabet. Below is the information of all the countries founding with letter L. How many type of countries do you understand that start through alphabet L? I believe you don’t recognize even more than 5 nations and that are enough. Anymethods inspect out below the finish list of countries founding through letter L.

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List of Countries Beginning with Letter L


Flags of the nations that start with letter L

Details around Countries that Starting with Letter L


Laos is a nation in Southeast Asia. It is one of the the majority of mountainous areas in East Asia. Laos has actually so many kind of tourist attractions and also filled with herbal beauty. Officially recognized as the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, it is a socialist republic led by a party created mostly of military officials. The funding of Laos is Vientiane and also the main money is the Lao kip.

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Interelaxing facts about the countries that start through L

nations that are situated in Asia are 22.2% countries exist in Europe continent are 44.4%and few countries percentage likewise found in Afrideserve to continent 33.3%There is no country in The United States and Canada, South America or Oceania that start with LLibya is the greatest country out of these 9 countries w.r.t land also or area.
percentage of the nations that start through l via respect to continent

Latby means of is located in Europe and one of the country that begin with letter L.

In public locations, minimal actions is expected. Self-control, specifically through regard to anger, is very valued. Until the identification of foreigners is establimelted, Latvians attempt to prevent recognizing the existence of others.

In the twelfth century AD some of Europe’s last pagans stayed in Latby means of. The Pope decided to transform them to Christianity by pressure. In 1201 he sent Germale Crusaders commanded by the Bishop of Bremen Albert von Buxhöveden.


Located in Europe and among the popular countries have actually lot of tourism capacity. As can plainly see it is additionally began via L letter.

The Lithuanians are a booked and also respectful civilization via legacy.They generally perform not strive to greet someone they execute not know;People who take a trip by public move carry out not look straight at one more perchild unless they are friends and mainly offer their seats to their elders.

People frequently bring a tiny gift of candy or flowers as soon as they visit someone (constantly an odd number of flowers unmuch less someone has passed away). The hosts are generous and also perform their finest to make the guest feel comfortable.

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In 1316, Lithuania was united again by a man named Gediminas. He decided the title of grand duke rather of king and under his ascendancy Lithuania was strengthened . He made Vilnius the capital and also urged inhabitants from various other parts of Europe.


Similarly the LUXEMBOURG is likewise situated and also one of the many visited nation in Europe. It is additionally founding via letter L.

Luxembourgians believe that their social worths ​​are obtained mainly from their French and also non-Germale neighbors. However, they execute not admire the spontaneity of Latin culture. Punctuality is supposed at meetings, social tasks and cultural events.

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