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Scout"s summary of the Maycomb ar Courthouse begins on page 164:

The Maycomb county courthouse was faintly memory of Arlington in one respect: the concrete pillars supporting its south roof were too hefty for their light burden. The pillars were all that stayed standing once the initial courthouse burned...

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Scout"s summary of the Maycomb ar Courthouse begins on page 164:

The Maycomb county courthouse to be faintly memory of Arlington in one respect: the concrete pillars supporting its southern roof were too hefty for their light burden. The pillars were every that remained standing as soon as the original courthouse melted in 1856. Another courthouse was built about them. It is much better to say, constructed in spite of them. Yet for the southern porch, the Maycomb county courthouse was beforehand Victorian, presenting one unoffensive vista once seen native the north. Indigenous the various other side, however, Greek revival columns clashed through a big nineteenth-century clock tower housing a rusty unreliable instrument, a check out indicating a civilization determined to keep every physical scrap the the past.

The first thing reconnaissance mentions is the concrete pillars on the southern side. Introduce to them together "too hefty for their light burden" might be a symbolic reference to the type of situations that are usually make the efforts in the building. Perhaps human being in Maycomb county take your light instances too seriously.

Scout mentions the the initial courthouse charred down in 1856 and the present courthouse is develop up around, or in despite the of, the original columns. She doesn"t to speak why the courthouse burned down, yet this starts to develop a visual result of one eclectic building.

The eclectic effect is ongoing with the enhancement of a victor façade, Greek resurgence columns, and also a nineteenth-century clock tower. The picture of the structure with assorted styles and eras shows that the civilization it offer are likewise varied. The Maycomb Courthouse is expected to offer townspeople and also farmers, white folk and also black. However, it does not serve the human being of the ar equally.

Scout defines the clock tower as unreliable, which can symbolize the unreliability of the court system that favors white end black and also wealthy end poor, although it is meant to it is in an unbiased an equipment like a clock. Finally, enlightenment mentions the the developers tried to host on come every scrap from the past. This could indicate that the human being of Maycomb County tend to it is in traditional and old-fashioned. They overlook civil rights and equality, and hang on to bigotry, treating black human being as if they are still slaves and also second-class citizens.

Scout explains going previous the courthouse on the night the she, Jem, and also Dill monitor Atticus to the prison (chapter 15). She talks around passing v the town square, and also that on the southern side of the square the courthouse is an ext or much less in darkness. Also without this information, we can assume that a structure as necessary as this would have actually a prime, main location in ~ the town, and Scout’s summary is in maintaining with this. She also mentions that Atticus once had actually his law office in the courthouse yet that he decided to move to ‘quieter quarters’ in the bank building. The courthouse, then, definitely seems to it is in in the busiest component of town.

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Although it has actually such an important role come play in the life of the town, the courthouse chin does no seem to be a an especially imposing building. Scout drops a telling remark in passing when she defines what Maycomb to be like as soon as it was very first established:

In the beginning its structures were solid, that is courthouse proud, its roadways graciously wide. (chapter 13)

This means that the courthouse, in addition to the town in general, has now fallen into a somewhat dilapidated state. In fact, us learn later that the initial courthouse burned down and a new one was erected, in quite a mishmash of architectural styles. The emotion of degeneration that hangs about the place is reinforced through Scout’s summary of the fusty, dingy old offices within the building (chapter 16).