Many TV reflects are known for maintaining viewers hooked by having actually their personalities wrapped increase in endless "will they, or won"t they" romantic entanglements. Ross and also Rachel indigenous Friends or Tony and also Ziva native NCIS are just two examples of onscreen couplings in between main personalities on renowned TV reflects that enraged viewers because that season ~ season that turmoil and ambiguity. Despite it gift a famous trope, one show that never really dabbled in those antics was Criminal Minds.

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While pan love the relationships of countless of the show"s characters, because that the most part, that was your platonic love that maintained them watching. However that doesn"t average there was never ever a romantic subplot between the agents of the FBI"s Behavioral analysis Unit (BAU). Ago in season 1, that seemed choose something could be impending when brilliant, but awkward, Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) confessed to having actually a little office like on JJ Jareau (A. J. Cook). An attempt at setup the two up was made, yet ultimately, romance never blossomed.

Cut come the finale illustration of season 14. When they space being organized at gunpoint by one unknown topic (unsub), JJ makes a startle confession come Reid: "I"ve constantly loved you. And I was simply too fear to say it before." The revelation the JJ, that by that allude in the collection was already happily married through children, had actually been harboring deep feelings for Reid came out the the blue. For plenty of in the Criminal Minds fandom, it was an unwelcome twist in the saga the Reid and JJ"s relationship.

Over ~ above Reddit, user Coolsbeans kicked off a discussion about JJ"s confession by starting a thread about that fateful episode. They wrote, "JJ is absolutely the mom friend and also when you present her being every maternal to reid because that 13 seasons you cant suddenly change the dynamic. It"s absolutely the end of personality for her to make the confession..."

Quite a couple of other commenters likewise had a major issue with this sudden adjust in Reid and JJ"s dynamic. User Dalance10 wrote, "Totally agree! castle ARE an excellent friends, virtually as brothers such together Morgan and also Reid etc. Obv they liked each other in the previously season but she started going out with Will and then had Kids and also got married <...> It to be so the end of the blue, the made no feeling <...>"

Even self-identified Reid stan ReidsMyFavorite uncovered fault with this specific storyline. They said, "I have to agree that it came out the nowhere...There was much more of a sibling vibe than "secret lovers." Plus... Reid is the godfather come Will and JJ"s children. It"s just ... Not correct on so many levels." They additionally made crucial point that several other fans also argued: "Reid had actually a soft crush ~ above JJ ago in S1, yet the writers didn"t seek it <...>"

For many, the worry wasn"t so lot the idea the JJ and Reid acquiring together, however rather, that if it was going to happen, that ship had sailed a long time ago.

One important suggest of difference that have to be made in this conversation is the for some fans, the difficulty isn"t the idea of JJ and also Reid having a romantic relationship. Yet if that was going to happen, also the hardest Jeid shippers agree that once the show passed on the possibility to seek something between the two characters ago in season 1, that should have been the end of it.

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User ikindalovemgg, who appears to harbor part Jeid sympathies, said, "that was absolutely an awkward moment for the both of them. I wish they sought jeid at the beginning of the show instead but i agree!"

User thnks-fr-th-memories wrote, "I don"t think i would have actually shipped Reid and JJ however it would have at least made feeling if they had started miscellaneous mucchhhh earlier on." castle added, "It renders 0 feeling why JJ would date another guy, marry him, have youngsters with the while she was in love through someone rather all the time (and also make this someone else the godfather to she kids?)."

Meanwhile, thepferdandonly suggested a an ext cynical theory for JJ"s sudden declaration of love. They started by saying, "They kind of hinted at there gift something with JJ and also Reid really early on, yet it got totally abandoned. They might have lugged it earlier but lock should have actually done the wayyy sooner 보다 season 14," and also then walk on to argue, "But it to be obviously a Hail mary to get a season 15."

No matter the factor for the present suddenly pass the Reid and also JJ romance subplot back to the fore toward the end of Criminal Minds, it"s clear that many fans want them to remain simply friends.