Crispin Daniel Bonham-Carter is an English actor and theatre director. Bonham-Carter is the boy of Peter Bonham-Carter and also Clodagh Greenwood, and the nephew of teacher Christopher Douglas Bonham-Carter. He is a 3rd cousin the actress Helena Bonham Carter and her brother, businessman Edward.

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Why walk Crispin Carter protect against acting?

Mr Bonham-Carter, 46, has actually been a teacher in ~ the exceptional Ofsted-rated an additional school in Muswell Hill because that the past eight years. Why did the quit acting? i had constantly wanted to it is in a teacher, very early on in mine life I always had lugged this photo of myself teaching.

Are Helena Bonham Carter and also John Bonham related?

Bonham Carter’s paternal grandparents to be British Liberal political leaders Sir Maurice Bonham-Carter and Lady Violet Bonham Carter. Helena is descended on she father’s side from john Bonham Carter, Member the Parliament because that Portsmouth.

Who is Helena Bonham Carter’s brother?

Edward Bonham CarterThomas Bonham CarterHelena Bonham Carter/Brothers


What is Crispin Bonham Carter law now?

Mr Bonham-Carter, who was appointed come his Assistant Head role at QE in 2019 – “my dream job” – has a National professional Qualification for senior Leadership (NPQSL) v the academy of Education. In his preventive time, the is a marathon-runner, a cricketer, a supporter of Barnet FC, a sailor, a mountaineer and also a skier.

How old is Crispin Bonham Carter the actor?

Crispin Bonham-Carter. Crispin Daniel Bonham-Carter (born 23 September 1969 in Colchester, Essex) is an English former actor and theatre director.

Who was Crispin Bonham Carter in Pride and Prejudice?

Bonham-Carter starred alongside Ewan McGregor in the 1993 BBC duration drama Scarlet and Black, play Rachel Weisz ‘s suitor. That starred in the TV sitcom Honey because that Tea in 1994. He showed up as grandfather Bingley in the 1995 BBC adaptation of proud & Prejudice, alongside Colin Firth . He play a small function in Bridget Jones’s Diary in 2001.

Where walk Crispin Bonham Carter walk to school?

In 2011, he represented his previous university in a special collection of college Challenge. From 2015 come 2019, Bonham-Carter operated as an English and Classics teacher at Alexandra Park School, a comprehensive school in north London. Together of 2019, the is functioning as one Assistant Head in ~ Queen Elizabeth’s boys School, Barnet.

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Is there any kind of connection between Helena Bonham Carter and Crispin Carter?

Does The previous Actor Has any Relationship with “Harry Potter” star Helena Bonham Carter! If you space wondering if there is any kind of connection between Crispin and Helena Bonham Carter, then, yes there is. The is the third cousin the the famous English actress from her Paternal side.