Note the a unit of staff is not described as ‘a staff’ however as ‘a member that staff’ (British English) or ‘staff member’ (American English). The correct expression is ‘Are girlfriend a member of employee here?’ A staff might refer come a lengthy stick used as a support for go or together a prize of authority.

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Covert – covet

Covert and covet space two different words. A single letter is often significant enough to mark the difference between one word and another. The presence or absence of ‘r’ marks the difference in between the two words. Covert means ‘secret or hidden’. The contrary of surprise is ‘overt’ which way ‘done in an open way not secretly’. Covet method ‘to want something very much, specifically something the belongs to somebody else’. Perform not confuse surprise with covet.


When I remained in the second school, I had a surprise hatred for our math teacher.

He stole a hidden glance at the lady across the table.

You shall not covet her neighbour’s wife. (Exodus 20 vs 17)

Is there anyone that does not covet lengthy life and also prosperity?

I earnestly covet God’s elegant in the life the Apostle Paul.

Cut her coat follow to …

Many Nigerian customers of English frequently say cut your coat follow to your size. This is a Nigerian sports of the English idiom reduced your coat according to her cloth. One idiom is a combination of native that have actually a figurative meaning that is different from the literal meaning or definition of the words of which it is made. Though idioms are often metaphorical and also make the language an ext colourful, the indigenous constituting them room fixed. The standard British tantamount of the Nigerian sport of the idiom is cut your coat according to your fabric not “size’. Reduced your coat according to your cloth method ‘to do only what you have sufficient money to do and no more’. In various other words, ‘Let her expenditure be established by her resources’.



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