With just under 3 minutes continuing to be in Super key XLIII and also his team under by 4 points, Larry Fitzgerald captured a routine slant at his own 44-yard line. What ensued to be a 64-yard touchdown reception that provided the Arizona Cardinals the lead and made every other player ~ above the ar look prefer a tortoise on muscle relaxants.

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That"s what speed have the right to do. It has the capability to rotate a regular play into one of the most epic occasions in NFL history.

Whenever one of the following 25 players touch the ball, relocating to the sheet of her seat is a necessity due to the fact that something interesting is bound come happen. These are the 25 speediest men in the NFL.

Despite being the 25th-fastest player in the NFL, josh Cribbs is tho an pure burner.

Cribbs walk undrafted in 2005 coming the end of Kent State, yet once the Cleveland Browns signed him as a undrafted totally free agent, lock knew they had something special. During his rookie season, Cribbs averaged 24.5 yards per kickoff return and collection a franchise record for most kick-return yards in a season.

That record would only stand because that a year, as Cribbs provided his incredible rate to come to be an even more dangerous return guy the following season. In fact, Cribbs is the NFL"s all-time kickoff-return touchdown leader with eight touchdowns.

While Cribbs" elite speed hasn"t rotate him into a receiving threat prefer the Browns had hoped, the is still among the most dangerous players with the sphere in his hands.

Dexter McCluster could not time as among the fastest football player in the NFL, yet watching the on the actual football field is a completely different story.

McCluster possesses sudden quickness and has very deceptive speed. His capacity to usage his speed at multiple positions on the field is what renders him together a danger player.

Look for McCluster to proceed to become a bigger part of the Kansas City Chiefs violation as the enters his third year in the league.

Had us ranked these players a few years ago, DeAngelo Hall might have ranked a tiny bit greater on the list. However, together Hall continues to rise in age, it appears his in its entirety speed is beginning to decline.

With that said, hall is tho absolutely among the fastest football player in the league. He to be a track star in high school and used the quickness to come to be a starting cornerback for the Virginia technology Hokies. His beat in college made the a top-10 an option in the 2004 NFL draft by the Atlanta Falcons, wherein he used his quickness to make an instant impact.

While being among the fastest players in the NFL hasn"t necessarily made Hall among the finest cornerbacks in the game, back he would tell girlfriend differently, he has been selected to 3 Pro Bowls in the last seven years.

While C.J. Spiller hasn"t quite become the player the Buffalo Bills hope he would become, he has absolutely shown flashes of brilliance in his two years in the league. One thing you can"t deny once watching Spiller is the amount of speed he bring to the field.

Once the sphere hits Spiller"s hands, you deserve to tell that he is much faster than anyone rather on the field. With also a minuscule opening, Spiller deserve to make nothing right into something big.

Look for Spiller to develop on a strong finish to the 2011 season and finally come to be the player the Bills thought he was as soon as they drafted him v the ninth all at once pick.

The reason that Johnny Knox got drafted the end of a small school prefer Abilene Christian was because of his blazing speed. He posted a man time that 4.34 seconds in the 40-yard dash in ~ the 2009 NFL combine.

Knox"s speed has been obvious since his very first NFL reception, which just happened come be because that a 68-yard gain. Like countless other football player on this list, Knox is additionally a talented kick and punt returner since of his speed. In fact, Knox made the agree Bowl back in 2009 together a return specialist.

Over the past two seasons Knox has actually been maybe to use his rate to develop into quite the hazard as a receiver. Before going down v a season-ending back injury last year, he had actually a 19.6 yards-per-reception average.

Hopefully he"ll have the ability to return to complete health in 2012 for this reason we can see much more of his speed.

Not just is Darren Sproles among the most electrifying and also exciting football player in the NFL, he additionally happens come be among the speediest players in the league.

He spent years together a second-string running back for the mountain Diego Chargers prior to being completely unleashed through the new Orleans Saints. His 2011 season to be rather outstanding with over 1,313 complete yards on just 173 total touches.

In fact, Bleacher Report"s very own Matt Miller think so very of Sproles the he named him the No. 1 running back in the B/R NFL 1000 series that to be released earlier in the year. While you may disagree through that ranking, friend absolutely can"t disagree v the reality that Sproles is among the fastest football player in the NFL.

Throughout his college career at USC, Reggie shrub was known for make defenders look man while attempting to handle him. Not just did he use his great speed to make opponents miss, however he has the incredible capability to combine that speed with agility and readjust of direction.

Those abilities have made bush one the the much more exciting players to clock in the NFL v the sphere in his hands. His only difficulty has been staying on the field, as he has actually struggled with a wire of injuries throughout his career.

However, in his very first season through the Miami Dolphins, shrub finally showed everyone the type of player he can be when healthy. That rushed for over 1,000 yards in ~ an mean of five yards every carry.

If bush can proceed to remain healthy and build top top his success from critical season, he could end up being one that the height running backs in the league.

It didn"t take lengthy for Patrick Peterson to display his impressive speed to the NFL world.

His an initial preseason play caused an interception changed for a touchdown on Philip Rivers. If the wasn"t outstanding enough, Peterson score on an 89-yard punting return in his very first regular-season NFL video game to seal a victory for the Arizona Cardinals.

Peterson would use his rate to score a record 4 punt-return touchdowns throughout his rookie season and established himself as among the premier playmakers in the league.

Not countless superb track and also field athletes walk on to be effective in the NFL, however Jamaal Charles is the exemption to the rule. 

As a freshman at Texas, Charles earn All-American honors in four different events because that track and field. However, ~ seeing the his production on the football ar was taking a hit, Charles chose to stop competing for the track team and instead emphasis on football.

That decision turned out to it is in a great one, as Charles supplied his rate to have actually a large junior campaign that turned into a third-round choose in the 2008 NFL draft by the Kansas City Chiefs.

Charles ongoing to use his incredible speed to end up the 2010 season with a 6.38 yards-per-carry average, the second-best in the history of the NFL.

Even despite Ted Ginn Jr. Has yet to live up to being choose ninth as whole in the 2007 NFL draft, he has displayed us lots of the speed that made him such a dangerous weapon coming out of college.

Ginn was another track superstar coming the end of high school who made decision football over track. Considering just how Ginn"s career has gone so far, he can have been better to choose track rather of football.

However, over there is still time for him to turn his career around and use the legendary speed to repetitively beat defenders.

The Philadelphia Eagles are one of the fastest groups in the whole NFL, as one of three groups with 3 players in this ranking. With that said, just how much should it sucking for one of the fastest football player in the NFL come not also be the more quickly player top top his own team?

Unfortunately for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, the is what he has to deal with every work in Philadelphia. As a small-school prospect, Rodgers-Cromartie supplied an incredible integrate performance, specifically in the 40-yard dash, come prove his worth together an NFL cornerback.

That rate hasn"t disappointed either. Rodgers-Cromartie provided his speed and overall talents to soil a point out in the 2009 pro Bowl, and also his upside recently permitted the Eagles to trade Asante Samuel and also give DRC a full-time beginning job.

Percy Harvin to be yet one more standout high institution track star since of his exceptionally impressive speed. He won five state track titles during his time at Landstown High School, but as good as he was at track, Harvin was even far better on the football field.

He was a extremely regarded player coming out of college and finally decided to go to the college of Florida, wherein he won 2 BCS nationwide championships. He supplied his talent and also speed to obtain drafted v the 22nd choose of the 2009 NFL draft and also went on to win Offensive Rookie that the Year the season.

What is most impressive about Harvin is that instead of just relying on his speed, he has actually become a much much better all-around football player. The should become one the the far better receivers in the organization this year.

If Jahvid ideal could actually stay on the field, you"d probably be able to enjoy his ridiculous rate more. However, best struggled through concussions last year after ~ a promising begin to the season.

Hopefully those concussion worries are behind him, because when best is top top the field, it is a true joy to watch him play faster than anyone else. As soon as that sphere is in his hands and a sliver of space is revealed, ideal is all but uncatchable.

The 2012 season will certainly be key for Best"s future, yet if he can stay healthy, he has all the speed and also talent in the human being to be a effective player in the NFL.

Despite just being a rookie, josh Robinson has currently made a surname for himself as among the fastest players in the NFL.

Robinson go out away anyone at the NFL integrate with a time of 4.29 in the 40-yard dash. Even though that didn"t attend a timeless football power, his impressive incorporate performance made that a third-round choose by the Minnesota Vikings.

Look for Robinson to obtain a opportunity to play from job one because that Minnesota, and for his great speed to do an immediate affect for the Vikings.

It was really challenging to store Michael Vick the end of the height 10, but as that has gotten older these past few seasons, it seems as if he"s lost a step. OK, possibly not a complete step, however at least an eighth the a step.

One point that is still absolutely true about Vick is that he is the more quickly quarterback to ever before play the game. That distinctive speed the he has for his position has made that an pure thrill come watch, since whenever he gets out right into the open field, miscellaneous incredible deserve to happen.

The just downside to the means Vick plays the video game is the it generally keeps that from play all 16 gamings of a constant season. Hopefully the can readjust this year, because few players room as amazing with the round in their hands together Vick.

Chris Rainey is the second, and last, rookie to do the perform of the fastest players in the NFL, and also he rightfully comes in in ~ the No. 10 spot.

Throughout his university career, Rainey was really successful monitor star. In fact, he was a member that the faster 4x100-meter relay team in the entire country during his junior season.

Rainey has blazing speed and also quickness, and it will certainly be exciting to watch exactly how the Pittsburgh Steelers take advantage of that during his rookie season.

Darrius Heyward-Bey"s 4.3 time in the 40-yard dash at the combine propelled the from a mid-round pick to the seventh in its entirety pick the the 2009 NFL draft. There is just something about speed that the Oakland Raiders for sure love.

To be completely honest, there isn"t much not come love about the incredible speed that Heyward-Bey brings to the field. Sure, the remainder of his soccer abilities could use part improving, yet his speed is truly world-class.

If that can ever get his hands and also mind to record up to his feet, he could come to be quite the NFL player.

On paper, Devin Hester may not it seems to be ~ worthy that this high that a ranking because that the fastest players in the NFL. I mean, the did run only a pedestrian 4.41 40-yard dash at the combine.

However, Hester is one of those rare players who is much, much much faster on the football field than ~ above a track. As soon as that sphere gets in his hands, that takes him tiny time at every to gain to top speed and also be off to the races.

His ridiculous speed has actually made that the many feared return man in the history of the NFL.

While Mike Wallace might still be waiting for that big contract from the Pittsburgh Steelers, at the very least he is still one of the speediest players in the NFL.

Since beginning the league, Wallace has been one of its premier deep threats thanks to his speed. He posted a ridiculous mean of 21 yards every reception in 2010, utilizing his elite rate to consistently obtain behind defenders and make plays.

Even despite the Steelers will probably be well offensively if castle can"t obtain Wallace ~ above the field, one point for certain is that it would be much much faster with him out there.

I offer you exhibition A concerning DeSean Jackson"s speed.

There is a point in that well known game-winning punt return against the brand-new York Giants (Exhibit A) when it shows up every solitary member that the Giants is around to cave in and tackle Jackson. However, anyone then appears to relocate in slow-moving motion, together Jackson move in 3x fast-forward and also distances self by about 10 yards from any kind of other player.

That is what provides Jackson the sixth-fastest player in the NFL.

While van Dyke might not it is in a family members name to the usual football fan, he should have actually a bigger duty with the Oakland Raiders in his 2nd year in the league.

During the 2011 NFL combine, valve Dyke poster a rather outstanding 4.28 40-yard dash time, an excellent enough because that the third-best in the background of the event. He offered his rate to be a effective return specialist for the college of Miami, however considering the speed throughout the Raiders roster, it is i can not qualify he"ll see much time there throughout the 2012 season.

With the loss of Stanford Routt come the Kansas City Chiefs this offseason, the Raiders might be required to rely on van Dyke"s speed an ext often this year. Only time will tell even if it is that will certainly be a an excellent thing or bad thing.

Speaking of Stanford Routt, the previous Oakland Raider soil on our perform of the speediest players in the NFL in ~ No. 4.

His 4.27 time in the 40-yard dash during the 2005 NFL combine was the faster time ever before at the event. The course, that record has actually been damaged (more on the later), yet Routt tho absolutely deserves to be considered one the the fastest players in the background of the game.

What provides Routt so distinct is that he is more than simply a speedy player with tiny other skills. In fact, he happens to be one of the much better cornerbacks in the league and also should help the Kansas City Chiefs ar one that the finest defenses in the league.

If Trindon Holliday to be a few inches taller, he would most likely be one of the many dangerous weapons in the league due to the fact that of his overcoming speed. However, stand at just 5"5", Holliday has struggled to obtain on the ar at all during his time in the NFL.

He"s to be dropped and also picked increase by the Houston Texans on much more than one occasion with hopes that he can use that rate to do a drastic influence in the return game. Unfortunately, it appears that also world-class rate can"t overcame Holliday"s elevation issues.

The Oakland Raiders were once again enamored with speed throughout the 2010 NFL draft once they take it Jacoby Ford in the 4th round because of his 4.28 time in the 40-yard dash.

While the Raiders normally swing and also miss when drafting for rate (re-read Darrius Heyward-Bey, please), Ford has been a an excellent return specialist for the team. He already has four career kickoff-return touchdowns, which is a franchise record for Oakland.

However, what the Raiders need Ford to execute is to take steps toward ending up being a an ext potent receiver. V his rate and capacity with the sphere in his hands, Ford is most likely to enjoy a breakout season offensively in 2012.

This one really shouldn"t come as a surprise, and to be honest, kris Johnson is really rather a bit quicker than anyone else on this list. His 4.24 time in the 40-yard dash is tied v the more quickly time ever before in the NFL combine.

However, what yes, really separates Johnson indigenous the remainder of this list is the he has actually used his elite rate to become a truly upstream player in the league. Despite a letdown season critical year, this is tho the very same player that rushed because that over 2,000 yards and set an NFL record for total yards indigenous scrimmage in 2009.

Not just does Johnson was standing a an excellent chance that going under as among the fastest football player in the history of the NFL, yet if he deserve to get earlier to 2009 form, he might end his career as one of the most abundant running backs to ever play the game.

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