Columbia photos wants Nicole Kidman, Dave Matthews, and also Brooklyn Decker to Just Go through It for the benefits of the Adam Sandler/Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy. Command by Dennis Dugan (You Don"t Mess v the Zohan), the film will revolve roughly Sandler"s character recruiting Aniston"s personality "to pose as his soon-to-be-divorced wife and also her children to pretend to be his fake family." i can"t phone call you exactly how happy i am to see Sandler in one more toothless family comedy and also Jennifer Aniston being overshadowed by her male co-star.

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Matthews, who formerly co-starred through Sandler in Zohan and I now Pronounce You lining & Larry, will once again beat a supporting role. Sports depicted model Brooklyn Decker will make her attribute debut play Sandler"s love interest (until Sandler drops for Aniston"s character because you"ve viewed this movie a exchange rate times).

as for Kidman, her duty is being retained under wraps, but variety is comparing it to an uncredited comedic function like Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder. However, Kidman does no need any image repair, however I would certainly recommend being in an excellent movies. Just Go with It may not be the best place to start.


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