Welcome to your death Knight! friend will start out in ~ level 55 v 0 talent points. The DK starting quests compensation "Bonus Talents" to assist ramp you up to the 51 talent points the a level 60 player must have. For this reason, you must complete all death Knight quests.

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These first few quests are pretty self-explanatory, so let's relocate through them rapidly from the minute you begin. All the beginning quests are right next to each other.

obtain In business of the Lich King from The Lich King turn around and enter the following room to turn the pursuit in come Instructor Razuvious. get the follow-up The Emblazoned Runeblade. In the room, use the Weapon Rack on a wall in the room and also use the Battle-Worn sword by the Runeforge.
Weapon Rack
Runeforge revolve in The Emblazoned Runeblade and get the follow-up Runeforging: ready for Battle. Walk earlier to a Runeforge and use her Runeforging ability in her spellbook and also select an appropriate forging (Recommended: Rune the Cinderglacier). revolve in Runeforging: preparation for battle and get the follow-up The limitless Hunger. Go into the facility circle in the room and complimentary an Unworthy Initiate by clicking on the chains connected to the wall, then death the Initiate and turn the search in come Instructor Razuvious to gain the follow-up quest The Eye the Acherus. go back to The Lich King and also turn the pursuit in and also get the follow-up Death comes from On High.

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Activate the controls because that the Eye that Acherus. as soon as you achieve control that the eye and it's movement, you will certainly have accessibility to the following abilities (located currently on her main activity bar):

Siphon the Acherus - provided to gather information about structures for the quest Summon Ghouls top top Scarlet Crusade - used to distract ground Scarlet Crusade Soldiers into attacking spawned Ghouls when you collection structure information Shroud - goes Stealth, advantageous for escaping and moving between information-gathering places Recall Eye that Acherus - return you to her body in Ebon Hold. Usage this after quest missions are complete