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This line talked by Scout comes from Chapter 15 in i beg your pardon the mob of nation men pertained to the jail house and also threaten Atticus together they demand the release of Tom Robinson come them. 

When Atticus goes the end for a walk and also does not return, Jem i do not care concerned, and also Scout...

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This line spoken by Scout originates from Chapter 15 in which the lot of country men involved the prison house and also threaten Atticus as they need the relax of Tom Robinson come them. 

When Atticus goes out for a walk and also does no return, Jem becomes concerned, and also Scout insists top top accompanying him in his search for your father. ~ they see him sitting under a bald light bulb before the jailhouse, they rotate to leave. However, as they take it a brief cut across the square, four dusty dare stop prior to the jail, and also many men gain out, smell of whiskey and also speaking in threatening whispers. Sensing that their dad is endangered, Jem come forward, yet Atticus speak his child to go home. When a burly male grabs Jem roughly, Scout provides the guy a swift kick. Despite his father"s order, Jem refuses to leave. 

Just then, Scout recognizes Mr. Cunningham and also asks him about his "entailment." This word is familiar to Scout since she has actually overheard Mr. Cunningham and her father comment on the tiny land that he does own and the various other acreage the is mortgaged. When Scout alludes to this conversation in which Mr. Cunningham has paid a visit to Atticus in payment because that services, offering Atticus several of his crop, the farmer becomes uncomfortable because his conscience currently bothers him. That looks far in shame together he feels guilty for threatened the kind male who has allowed him to market food in payment because that his legitimate services.

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This individualizing that Mr. Cunningham, humanizes the whole mob. Together Scout proceeds speaking of entailment, the men all look at at her "with your mouths half-open." Innocently, enlightenment draws all of them, consisting of Atticus together as she says,

"Well, Atticus, ns was simply sayin" come Mr. Cunningham the entailments are bad an" all that, but you said not come worry...that you all"d ride it out together...."

Scout"s usage of entailment and her reminder of what Atticus has actually said ties every the civilization their with each other in your financial plight because of the great Depression. Currently they are unified, and the men deserve to no much longer threaten one who is with them in spirit.