Correction. Several people informed united state that Ben Franklin (despite frequently being quoted incorrectly) walk not write the indigenous attributed to him in the critical letter. It is still crucial idea, however the actual writer is unknown.

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Dear real Organic friends,

I talked with a brand-new friend this week about democracy. She has a compelling idea that the nationwide Organic Program, flawed together it is, is quiet the best model that participatory democracy in our government. This was a how amazing idea for me. I have pertained to know the NOP together a feeding soil for large industrial enterprises. Time and again, I have seen democracy overwhelmed by that company interests. Together we look in ~ the major winners in the $50 billion yearly organic sales, we see that ‘the many" are conquered by ‘the few."

But as I listened, I thought about what she was saying. Ns do think that us cannot give up government; that in the end, us must find a means to lead Congress and organizations such together the USDA to much better governance. The troubles we face are just too big to be only addressed individually. Yet to readjust the government, us must construct movements. To construct movements, us must adjust ourselves. So there is a personal path and a social path. Actually, many social paths.

 “I don"t recognize what it will certainly look like. Yet it"s not just about food. It"s about strengthening democracy. It"s around enabling an ext people come vote and talking to more people about voting, it"s about building community, it"s around organizing community.

“Food is an important issue. And also in a way, I"ve pertained to feel prefer my task is come say, it"s no just about climate change. It"s no just around inequality. It"s not just about the environment, racism, gender discrimination, every those things room super, supervisor important.

“Let"s elevate food come the realm of those other things. And let"s placed it in the mix and talk around it. Due to the fact that it"s something that everybody can agree on. Everybody can easily agree that we must have good food and also that everybody chandelier to have the ability to eat it.”

– note Bittman indigenous an interview in living On Earth

" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" class="wp-image-931600 jetpack-lazy-image" src="" alt="A man with short grey hair smiles at the camera. He wears small wire glasses and also has a checkered blue collared shirt on." width="600" height="815" data-recalc-dims="1" data-lazy-srcset=" 754w, 221w, 768w, 1131w, 600w, 1191w" data-lazy-sizes="(max-width: 600px) 100vw, 600px" data-lazy-src=";ssl=1" srcset="">In the end, we ponder the inquiry of silence matches speaking out. This is the koan that continues to difficulty the essential movement. Speak out, and also hurt the brand. Remain silent, and kill the movement. That is my suggest of view, but there are others who think that we must solve our problems behind closed doors, no troubling the fixed of eaters who “don’t understand.”

I ask, how has this resolved for you?

Part the this dispute is based on our vision. Numerous of us share a vision of acquisition the entire human being to necessary agriculture. In my mind, this would be a transformative change, making a world much more supportive that life, that health, the equality. And also in some other parts the the world, this procedure of adjust is underway.

But we don’t mean that vision to play out together a single-world organic brand. That simply isn’t the way things work-related in reality. As soon as things get big, they are transformed, for far better or for worse. Henry Ford structure a auto in his garage is really different native today"s Ford engine Company. Amazon, Apple, Facebook and also Google. Once small, interesting start-ups. The revolutions preached by Franklin or Fidel or Mao or Lenin were an extremely different from the final outcomes in the United states or Cuba or China or the Soviet Union. “Success” and also scale readjust things.

It is possible that we must keep reinventing and restarting. Shot again, fail again. Fail better.

So ago to democracy. Yes, we should work to thrive real democracy in our government. And also perhaps the national Organic Program is just one of the best forums for that. But democracy is based upon a procedure of debate and strife. The is necessarily a bumpy ride.

Meeting through Secretary Vilsack, he convinced us the the changes we require are past his powers. Yet not necessarily past OUR powers. Maybe we must do the ourselves. If we seek transformation instead of power, then we must pursue a procedure of constant engagement. An continuous conversation rather than complete control.

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If you want to participate in together a transformation, please join us. Authorize up because that 1000 genuine Fans.

Dave and also Linley

“Never doubt that a small group that thoughtful, cursed citizens can adjust the world; indeed, it"s the just thing that ever has.”