Danielle Cohn"s Boyfriend, Sebastian Topete and Danielle shopping on the chance of Christmas.Image Source- Instagram

Love is in the air for 13-year-old daniel Cohn, a musical.ly star. Danielle has remained in the news for having actually a boyfriend at a tiny age. Well, the list of danielle Cohn’s friend is long however currently, Cohn is dating an additional musical.ly star, Sebastian Topete.

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Danielle Cohn’s friend Sebastian

Sebastion Topete, 18, is a star from musical.ly, famous for his song compilation on musical.ly. The young lovebirds room dating because October 2017.

Dani (Danielle) constantly shares photos with she boyfriend, confirming your love for each various other is real.


Young lover Danielle Cohn with beau Sebastian Topete in Los Angeles.Image Source: Pinterest

In four months, the duo has actually been seen together often; walk on vacations and outings. They freshly went to Hawaii too. This photo is indigenous Sebastian’s Instagram article on January 27, 2018.

Their fans, followers, and friends have actually loved this photo and also commented them together flipping cute couple.


Danielle Cohn’s friend Sebastian being cozy through Dani in Hawaii Beach.Image Source: Sebastian’s Instagram

They shop together and work with each other in your videos. Expect the lovey-dovey couple remain the same and enjoy a long-lasting relationship.

In instance of Dani, she never falls short to show her love to friend Sebastian in she social media posts and videos.


Danielle Cohn kissing Sebastian Topete ~ above the cheeks.Image Source: Instagram(

Undoubtedly, danielle Cohn’s boyfriend and also Cohn are sharing high quality time together.

The duo often shows up in each other’s video. And also are open public about each other’s relationship. Sebastian also appeared as Dani’s lover boy in her music video Fix your Heart.

They are additionally going on a musical tourism soon. The tour is named DIGITOUR ARTIC LIGHTS.

List of all daniel Cohn’s Boyfriends

Being miss out on Florida Jr. Preteen, and nominated because that a 2017 Teen selection Award for choice Muser, this young sensational beauty with a mind would be the selection of many. Other than Sebastian Topete, perform of danielle Cohn’s boyfriends is fairly long. Danielle has actually dated 7 young boys because March 2016.

Richard Ortiz

Initially, Richard Ortiz emerged as daniel Cohn’s boyfriend. Cohn and Ortiz were looking a promise couple. But, the relationship didn’t sustain long. This young couple dated native March to July 2016.

Jaydyn Price

Jaydyn Price was another young star, who dated v Danielle Cohn. Very same as the vault relationship, these two got a component in December 2016 after starting to day on October.

Nelson Aguilar and Owen Bodnar

Then it to be Nelson Aguilar as danielle Cohn’s boyfriend. Lock were together a pair from January 2016. But the day they came to be apart is however to know. Afterward, Cohn dated Owen Bodnar indigenous February to April 2017. And also Case walker from may to June 2017.

Cole Galotti

After dating situation Walker, she to be sharing romantic moments v Cole Galotti. According To Hollywood Life, daniel Cohn and Cole Galotti were dating since July 22, 2017. There was a rumor the him, cheating on danielle Cohn.

Later, he respectfully refuse the rumors on Twitter. Their romance didn’t last lengthy as they damaged up in respectable 2017.

Sebastian Bails

After dating six boys, danielle Cohn was rumored to be date Sebastian Bails. Even Though, the evidence of date him is no present. The pair were rumored to be dating in September 2017.

Here is the video compilation that all danielle Cohn’s boyfriends.

Quick truth on danielle Cohn’s Boyfriend

Danielle Cohn is simply 13 year old together of 2018. Till date, she has actually dated 7 boys including her current boyfriend, Sebastian Topete.Sebastian Topete is likewise a musical.ly star.Danielle Cohn blindly believes in Sebastian Topete together she posted on Instagram.


Danielle Cohn v her lover Sebastian TopeteImage Source: Twitter (

Danielle Cohn & Sebastian Topete Breakup Reason!

Both of danielle Cohn & Sebastian Topete’s fans to be left upper heart after daniel released a video about why the pair broke up.

According come Danielle, the duo broke up due to the fact that of a pair fight & decided they didn’t want to it is in together. Although it is reported the it to be a common decision, Cohn mentioned just how she’s still in love v Sebastian Topete.

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Watch the video of danielle stating the factor for her breakup through Sebastian:

Only weeks ~ her video clip release on Youtube, Danielle seems to have actually moved on indigenous ex-boyfriend Sebastian Topete. Cohn is currently in a partnership with Mikey Tua who is an actor, model. The duo met in Music Movement.


Danielle Cohn v her new Beau Mikey Tua.Image Source: Instagram (

Talking around Sebastian Topete, he hasn’t to be spotted with any kind of other girl after ~ his breakup through Danielle Cohn. Regardless we wish both young talents a finest of luck!