Katy Perry has been called she can not buy a convent in Los Angeles by its previous resident nuns. “It would be a sin to market to her,” they commented.

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Continuing an ongoing problem over the property of the convent, the five former nuns who supplied to reside in the property have talked out about Perry’s bid to move in.

The eight acre heritage in Los Feliz, Los Angeles is a former convent turn residential property. For 40 years it was house to the California academy of the sister of the most Holy and also Immaculate love of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


Four years back the order’s remaining five nuns to be asked to leave the residential or commercial property by Los Angeles Archbishop Jose H. Gomez.

The Archbishop is currently in a legal fight with the 5 sisters over the revenue of the property. Despite the nuns vacated the property, lock still control its deeds.

As report by Billboard, Gomez is hoping to market to Katy Perry, when the nuns expect to offer to regional restaurateur Dana Hollister. Perry has reportedly readily available $14.5 million (£9.4 million) because that the property, i m sorry comprises 30,000 square feet of living space and an adjoining prayer house.


“Katy Perry represents everything we don’t believe in,” claimed 86 year old sister Catherine rose Holzman. “It would be a sin to market to her.”

Researching Perry online, Holzman found a video clip where the singer spoke of her religious family and also confessed the she came to be a popular music star since “I offered my heart to the devil.”

“Even discussing that she would sell her spirit to Satan is versus our principles and also beliefs,” Holzman said. ““In selling to Katy Perry, us feel we are being forced to violate our canonical vows to the Catholic Church.”


In an attempt to do peace, Perry met through the 5 nuns in ~ the home in May. Holzman declared the popular music star explained the online video as “just because that entertaiyellowcomic.comnt” and showed the nuns the ‘Jesus’ tattoo on her left wrist. She climate performed a variation of the gospel tune ‘Oh Happy Day.’

“She to be nice,” says Holzman. “She told united state why she wanted the property and then sang a song and also left.”

Despite this, the nuns insist they will not offer the building to Perry.

“We room going to Rome. We are not quitting now. We room just gaining warmed up. I owe it to every sister increase in sky looking under on me.”

Meanwhile, a fan that kissed Katy Perry’s neck throughout an awkward on stage encounter through the star in Brazil has actually denied that she was inebriated.

The incident took ar at rock In Rio festival top top Sunday (September 27) when Perry invite the fan, assumed to be dubbed Rayane, onto the stage.

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The fan showed up inebriated or under the affect of medicine (“rolling”, as Perry placed it) and proceeded come kiss the singer’s neck and also generally action a tiny overly-familiar. Clock footage here.