WITH his boyish good looks and absence of frown lines, plastic surgical treatment rumours have dogged Tom Cruise because that years.

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Although he has actually consistently refuse going under the knife, fans have speculated the ever-youthful star has had a sleep job, hair transplant and Botox, as well as veneers ~ above his teeth.


Tom's cheeks seemed much fuller in new photos, sparking rumours he's had fillersCredit: AP

The fresh-faced actor looks an extremely different in 1983 to just how he walk todayCredit: Rex

The latest photos of the 59-year-old at a baseball game in san Francisco, which sees that sporting a much fuller-face, have collection social media alight once more.

Fans space questioning whether he's had actually botched fillers, with one tweeting: "What has actually Tom Cruise excellent to his face?"

Another wrote: “Tom Cruise has either acquired weight, or he has actually a face full of fillers. Ns going v the fillers.”

Alice Henshaw, owner and also practioner that Harley Street Injectables, says the Mission difficult star look at "swollen" - perhaps after going under the knife.

"Tom absolutely looks swollen and also puffy, which could be due to filler, post procedure ede or load gain," she speak The Sun.

"I believe he's had actually fillers under his eyes and also around his mouth and also nose in the past, but this time is different.

"A side profile see of him mirrors his neck is additionally quite swollen. Filler would certainly not be put in this area, i m sorry signifies it would not be filler yet rather ede or load gain.

"Often operation procedure such as a platysmal plasty, or neck lift, merged with a mid-facelift might create this form of ede in these areas, and scars are conveniently disguised."




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Alice likewise believes rumours that a hair transplant might be spot on.

"At almost 60, Tom's hairline has actually remained relatively the same, although contempt thinning, which does suggest he might have had actually hair transplants," she says.

As the controversy rages, us look at just how the star's confront has readjusted over the years.


Tom's teeth were visibly yellowed and also misaligned in The Outsiders in 1982Credit: Alamy

Tom's signature laugh has always been component of his charm but he no born with a perfect grin.

When that starred in The Outsiders, in 1982, his this were visibly yellowed and misaligned, v a pronounced overbite.

He likewise removed a cap on a chipped front this to appear even much more menacing.

But as soon as leading guy status beckoned, v roles choose Maverick in optimal Gun, he had his this whitened to boost the look.


The star looked young and fresh in his optimal Gun daysCredit: Rex

As his career got to dizzying heights, with the relax of optimal Gun in 1996, the 24-year-old still had actually much the his boyish charm and also lean face.

His function as young marine aviator Lieutenant Pete "Maverick" Mitchell cemented him as a Hollywood heartthrob.


Tom sported flowing locks in 1996Credit: Rex

In an unexplained look because that the clean-cut movie legend, Tom combined it increase in 1996 through some rough facial hair and long flowing locks.

That year he take it on the title duty in Jerry Maguire, because that which that earned a golden Globe and also his 2nd nomination for an Academy Award.


Tom got braces in 2001 come straighten his Hollywood smileCredit: Rex Features

It wasn’t until 2001, after separating from Nicole Kidman, the Tom obtained braces to rectify his overbite, proudly mirroring them off at the premiere of decimal Report. 

But fans still comment on his asymmetrical teeth, which witnessed one front this aligned with the center of his face.


Tom's looks enhanced as he gained into his 40sCredit: Rex

At 44, Tom looked less gaunt 보다 he walk in his youth, having grown right into his face.

His chiselled jaw and killer smile had female fans falling in ~ his feet.


In 2010, Tom's confront started to present signs of changeCredit: Rex

By 2010, Tom's confront was start to change, occasionally looking chubbier, possibly because of weight flunctuation.

The superfit star thrust himself to the border whenever he to be filming a stunt-filled action duty but would also put on a couple of pounds in between movies.


Speculation about Tom having actually surgery began in 2012Credit: Rex

Rumours the star had undergone a nose project began ago in 2012 but, request by Playboy magazine if he had ever before had surgery, the replied: “I haven’t and never would.”

But pal Cuba Gooding Jr fanned the flames through insisting Tom had “absolutely” had actually work done.

Cuba called a us TV show: "I don’t understand what he’s had done, but I remember ns surprised him at his house one day and also he had every one of these dots anywhere his face.

"I was like, 'You every right?' and also he goes, 'I didn’t recognize you were coming' and also I was like, 'I have the right to see why.'"

Alice Henshaw claims the dots could indicate many types of surgical or no surgical actions to make the skin tighter and younger-looking.

She says: "Often dots or markings are attracted on whilst we mark out injection point out on the face, but we do this for filler injectables, Profhilo (a collagen stimulator) or even a skin tightening procedure utilizing radio frequency such together Thermage, or a clinical grade ultrasound skin tightening prefer ultraformer."


Tom appeared 'puffy' in ~ the 2016 BAFTA awardsCredit: PA:Press Association

Tom's appearance at the 2016 BAFTAs had actually fans commenting on just how he looked "inflated" and "puffy" - a usual sign of both Botox and also fillers.

"Tom looked together if he had actually undereye filler and filler roughly his mouth and nasal labial wrinkles in 2016," states Alice.

"But the recent photos at the baseball match show swelling that doesn't come with fillers."

Dental experts likewise suggested he had actually veneers included to do his dazzling smile also whiter.


The star looks more lined and also his cheeks show up much slimmerCredit: Rex

At the Mission Impossible: autumn premiere in 2018, Tom looked leaner, with much more lines mirroring on his forehead.

While this can be down to a punishing practice regime and also work schedule because that the film, which he likewise produced, the could additionally mean he ditched fillers and also Botox ~ the 2016 pictures attracted undesirable attention.

But the latest breaks of the star have definitely raised eyebrows once again.

They came hot on the heels of snaps of Tom at a Birmingham curry house where his face also looked "puffy".

Alice says it might be Tom - like countless of united state - has actually just placed on a couple of pounds throughout lockdown.

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"It would be difficult to say even if it is it was weight gain without seeing full photo that his body," she adds.

However he didn't show up to be transporting excess weight throughout summer appearances in ~ Wimbledon and Wembley.

Tom didn't appear to be transporting excess weight throughout his visit come Wimbledon in JulyCredit: Paul Edwards / The Sun
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