The Baroque and Classical ages of music to be both impressive periods full of musical genius and ingenuity that has made them go under in background as some of the most significant time periods for music composition. Among some that the many praised and also defining piece from those time periods include Dido’s “Lament” native Purcell’s “Dido and Aeneas” indigenous the Baroque period, while piece such as “Queen the The Night” from W.A Mozart’s “Magic Flute” exemplify the classic period. These pieces both exhibition exemplary musical characteristics from their particular musical periods, and also comparing and also contrasting these two works will certainly illuminate the magnificence of every period. Baroque music to be a brand-new art style that emphasized tonality. This is significant because that …show an ext content… The Classical period and the Baroque period also to be very similar in the they both provided counterpoint to assist create an ext colorful compositions. The Classical period differed native the Baroque period in the feeling of styles. The Classical period was focused approximately a specific style dubbed the “style gallant,” which concentrated on lightness and also elegance. This easy was virtually the precise dichotomy the the Baroque’s heavy structures. The Classical duration used lighter, shorter, and also singular melodies contrasted to the Baroque’s heavy and long polyphonies. The instrumentations between the two durations were additionally noteworthy with the Classical duration having much more focus on enlarge and better instrument sections because that pieces, as opposed to the Baroque duration where the instrumentation was less important. The Baroque period was different from the Classical period because the the intricacy of the instrumentation. The Baroque period music was more facility than classic era music. One of the last striking differences in the durations was likewise the dynamic usage. The Baroque duration tended come not also use dynamics if the classic era walk not miss an opportunity to usage them. Overall, while the Baroque and Classical durations had significant differences, the two durations were remarkable …show more content… The time durations were impactful in arising the styles and musical structures that are used today by modern composers.

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The two music pieces examined herein, “Dido’s Lament” from Purcell’s “Dido and also Aeneas” and also “Queen of The Night” indigenous W.A Mozart’s “Magic Flute,” are excellent selections to assist examine the divergences in between the 2 musical periods. There are numerous similarities and also differences in between the two periods; however, each period merits an examination to important realize the intricacies and also genius the were distinctive to every time