Bone marrow is a vascularized substance situated in the bone cavities. It exist in two types: the red and the yellow bone marrow. Despite their solid associations, there is a myriad that differences between the two.

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Summary Table

Red Bone MarrowYellow Bone Marrow
Also dubbed medulla osium rubraAlso called medulla osium flava
Mainly located in the shoulder blades, skull, and long bones and also flat bonesMainly situated in the hollow cavity of long bones
Present indigenous fetal maturity to adulthoodSlowly acts as a instead of of the red bone marrow indigenous the 5th post-natal year onward
Level progressively decreases with ageLevel slowly increases with age
Rich in hematopoietic cellsRich in adipocytes
Color: redColor: Yellowish
Responsible in the production of platelets, red blood cells, and white blood cellsResponsible because that the warehouse of fats and also the release of blood cells during emergency situations
Comprised of active cells that consistently divide and multiply come develop and also release blood cellsComprised that inactive cell that release blood cells in emergency situations



A diagram reflecting red bone marrow’s anatomical location and appearance

Red bone marrow is a red-colored tissue that contains reticular networks crucial in the breakthrough and production of platelets, red blood cells, and white blood cells. That is positioned in long and also flat bones, including the skull, vertebrae, ribs, and also hip bones.


A diagram reflecting where yellow bone marrow is located within a bone

Meanwhile, yellow bone marrow, which is uncovered in the hollow parts of compact bones, is a yellow-colored tissue responsible for storing fats and also producing blood cells during life-threatening situations.

Red vs Yellow Bone Marrow

While both space integral parts of the body, there is a vast difference in between red and also yellow bone marrow.


In the medical field, red bone marrow is popularly well-known as medulla osium rubra, if yellow bone marrow is referred to as medulla osium flava.


Red bone marrow is mostly situated in the shoulder blades, skull, and also long bones. When the body matures, red bone marrow becomes predominant in flat bones, consisting of the sternum and pelvic girdle. Meanwhile, yellow bone marrow is mostly located in the hollow cavity of long bones, which comprise the axial skeleton.


The yellow and red bone marrow have actually an inversely proportional relationship as the number of red bone marrow present in the body decreases as the level the yellow bone marrow increases. Indigenous fetal advance to childbirth, just red bone marrow is current in the bone cavities. After the 5th post-natal year, red bone marrow uncovered in the lengthy bones that the human body is progressively replaced by yellow bone marrow.


Unlike yellow bone marrow, red bone marrow is abundant in hematopoietic cells, which release white blood cells, platelets, and also erythrocytes. However, red bone marrow go not store as numerous adipocytes together the yellow bone marrow. Adipocytes space cells that mainly role as fat storage and also are mostly uncovered in the connective tissue.


Red bone marrow is rich in hemoglobin, i m sorry is responsible for its red color. Meanwhile, yellow bone marrow is distinctive for the yellowish color, which is caused by the carotenoid current in the tissue’s fat droplets.


Red bone marrow theatre a far-reaching role in the manufacturing of platelets, white blood cells, and red blood cells. The main role of yellow bone marrow, ~ above the other hand, is the storage of fats and also the relax of blood cell in emergency situations. In situation of life-threatening situations that lead to rapid blood loss, yellow bone marrow converts into red bone marrow to create blood cells and also sustain life. Similarly, the fat stored in the yellow bone marrow acts as the body’s last source of power in situation of extreme hunger. The yellow bone marrow also converts into bones and cartilage once needed.

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Cell Types

Red bone marrow is made up of active cells that consistently divide and also multiply to develop blood cells, while yellow bone marrow is made up of inactive cells that only create blood cells during emergency situations.