Software testing consists of a number of different varieties of tests. These can conveniently be confused due to their resemblance and also seemingly overlapping purposes.

Retesting and also regression testing are two generally confused concepts. They sound alike, and also they have similarities too.

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The main difference is that regression trial and error is designed to test for bugs you don"t suppose to it is in there, conversely, retesting is designed come test for bugs you do expect to it is in there.

There"s an ext to it than that though, therefore let"s enter further information to clarifythe definition of this concepts.

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What is regression testing?

The verb regress means to go back to a previous state or condition. In software, this typically isn’t thought about a good thing.

That is why software program developers test because that regressions, for this reason the ax regression testing. The allude of regression experimentation is to ensure that new updates or featuresadded to software application don’t break any type of previously exit updates or features.


To carry out regression testing you generally have a regression suite – a series of check cases collection up to test these enlarge features.

Regression test instances are frequently automated because these tests construct up together the software alters or grows.

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What is retesting?

Where retesting differs from regression testing is that, rather of being designed to search v all the ahead updates and also features the the software application to discover unforeseen defects and also bugs, retesting is designed to test details defects that you’ve already detected (typically during your regression testing).

In various other words, regression testing is around searching for defects, vice versa, retesting is around fixing specific defects the you’ve currently found.

They can as such occur in one and the same testing process, where:

You upgrade your software application with a new featureYou check the existing use (regression testing)You detect a pest in your existing functionalityYou resolve the bugYou retest that functionality (and hope the it works!)

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Regression testing vs. Retesting: key differences


You could say that regression experimentation is a type of retesting. Retesting essentially way to test something again. And when you space regression testing, you’re testing something the you’ve tested numerous times before.

But determining what the two have in typical might confuse more than it will help. So because that the sake of clarity, here’s an overview of the vital differences.

Regression TestingRetesting
Involves experimentation a general area the the software.Involves trial and error a specific feature of the software.
Is about testing software which was working, yet now, because of updates, might not be working.Is around testing software program which girlfriend know to be not working, yet which you believe to have actually been fixed. You check it to check that it is currently in truth fixed.
Is ideal for automation as the testing suite will grow with time as the software evolves.Is not ideal because that automation together the situation for testing transforms each time.
Should always be a part of the testing process and performed every time password is readjusted and a software update is around to be released.Is only a part of the testing process if a defect or pest is found in the code.

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