Las vegas Road expedition Series

If girlfriend live in Arizona, she lucky enough to live driving street to las Vegas. Whether you want to conserve money on flights, gain driving with the desert, or simply prefer roadway trips, traveling from Phoenix to las Vegas by vehicle is a fun method to gain your expedition started. Travel from one desert city to an additional may seem like a barren, sandy drive, yet the Phoenix to ras Vegas journey is filled with historic sites, herbal desert views, and also interesting towns.

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Pack her bags, conference the group, and also fill the tank, since we have actually all the references to have the finest Phoenix to ras Vegas roadway trip!

The Logistics: Route, journey Time & Traffic

Depending on which route you’d choose to take while steering to las vegas from Phoenix, suppose to spend practically five hours on the road. Without factoring in traffic, control on the US-93 N is the shortest and more popular drive, v a drivetime of about 4 hours and 45 minutes over the food of 297 miles. On this route, scenery is greatly a desert landscape, with historical towns, herbal springs, and trails follow me the way.

Alternatively, if she looking come experience much more of the Arizona landscape, roadtrippers can include iconic clues such as the red rocks of Sedona and also the natural wonder that is the grand Canyon by acquisition the I-17 N. By adding a stop in Sedona, you deserve to expect her drive time to increase to 6.5 hours, and adding a prevent to the grand Canyon will certainly clock girlfriend in at nearly 10.5 hours. This road expedition is a exorbitant one to take if you space planning on stretching it end the food of a couple of days for this reason you can enjoy every little bit of nature.

As with many road trips, the weekends room the many popular, and also therefore most heavily trafficked, days to drive. Roasted in some extra journey time if you arrangement on traveling during the holidays or once there are large Las las vegas events, as you may see your hrs on the roadway start come climb. If possible, shot to leaving on a less-popular work – Monday with Wednesday will probably be the quickest alternative if speed is what she aiming for.

Phoenix to ras Vegas Road pilgrimage Stops


Wickenburg Vulture Mine | 246 mile to Vegas

Tucked far in the Sonoran Desert is the abandoned negotiation of Vulture City. The Vulture Mine was when Arizona’s most successful gold mine from 1863 to 1942, and also is now a well-known spot to take tours and learn of Arizona’s history.

Desert Caballeros western Museum | 233 mile to Vegas

Experience life in the Old West in ~ the west Museum in Wickenburg. This museum gives you a look into Old west culture, from contemporary Western art exhibits to musical functions to western portrait photography.

Nothing, Arizona | 182 mile to Vegas

A Nothing, AZ town sign reads, “The staunch citizens of nothing are complete of Hope, Faith, and also Believe in the work ethic. Thru-the-years-these dedicated people had confidence in Nothing, hoped for Nothing, worked at Nothing, for Nothing.”

Alpacas of the Southwest | 121 mile to Vegas

One of the finest places come stop and also eat having lunch is Alpacas that the Southwest, a fully-operating alpaca ranch in Kingman, Arizona. Whether you’re simply stopping by come say hi or arrange for a tour, these friendly alpacas room a distinctive pit stop.

Santa Claus, Arizona | 92 miles to Vegas

Originally created in 1937 to be a Santa-themed city in the middle of the desert, Santa Claus, Arizona was a phibìc Pole oasis in the Southwest. Now a ghost-of-Christmas-past town, this road expedition stop is quiet a captivating and also unique one.

Chloride Murals by Roy Purcell | 90 miles to Vegas

In 1966, well arts student Roy Purcell made decision to take a rest from school to become a miner. During this time, that painted 2000 square feet that murals dubbed “The Journey”, a beautiful artistic break native the monotonous desert drive.

White Hills Ghost city | 61 mile to Vegas

Consisting the 27 miles of tunnels and also 15 mines, the city of White Hills to be a thriving silver mining city from 1892 come 1898. Currently a ghost town with few remaining structures, that is quiet an exciting look right into Arizona’s past.

Gold Strike warm Springs | 38 mile to Vegas

Closed during the summer months because of heat, the yellow Strike warm Springs space a wonderful protect against for long walking roadtrippers. If you don’t mind functioning up a sweat ~ above the critical stretch of your Phoenix to las Vegas drive, make a avoid here.

Hoover Dam Lookout | 35 miles to Vegas

The Hoover Dam is an top Nevada landmark, being one of the founding occasions in las Vegas history. Take a protect against at the Hoover Dam Lookout and also see one of the many fascinating views of Lake Mead. Be all set for part traffic, though!

Nevada State railroad Museum | 25 miles to Vegas

Another defining moment in ras Vegas history was the establishment of the railroad. Visit the Nevada State railroad Museum, and explore the history of Nevada transportation or take a drive on the excursion train.

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Some speak life isn’t only around the destination, it’s about the journey. If she planning your next trip to ras Vegas, take into consideration hitting the road and also making one adventure the end of it.