We space driving the last week in September and also would choose to take it 3-4 days to gain there. What locations are an excellent to stop and walk/hike? stay overnite? must see?


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Well, due to the fact that Cheyenne WY is a right shot 6.5 hour drive on i 80 from SLC, you space going to need to make a detour or two if you desire to take 3 or 4 work to obtain there. You can drive come Jackson, a 5.5 hour drive from SLC. Stay in Jackson or cool Teton NP for 2 or 3 nights and also then work-related your means on come Cheyenne.

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Or you could drive native SLC to Park City, continue to be an night there. Then drive Highway 40 across Utah, in to Colorado and also overnight in Steamboat Springs. Indigenous Steamboat Springs, do your way to Rocky mountain NP and then do your method up to Cheyenne on ns 25 from ft Collins.

Get you yourself a an excellent road map of Utah/WY/Colorado and find these places. Or play approximately with GoogleMaps to assist find routing the works for one of two people of the over suggestions.

Take the I-80 organization Loop down thru ft Bridger and also explore the state park there. Spend 3 work at tiny America? :^)

You could make the drive through GTNP, then over Togwotee pass to Duboise, under to Lander (Sinks Canyon) and make a historical drive to include stops in southern Pass City, independence Rock, take a south drive to Saratoga and the warm springs, through Med Bow Mts come Cheyenne. TetonBill has good historic stop if the interests you.

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I've been hearing around Wind river Canyon on us 20 indigenous Thermopolis south. Is the worth seeing?

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