Banks employ hundreds of thousands of employees. JPMorgan, because that example, employs approximately 251503 personnel. In contrast, various other well-known financial institutions like those the the bank of America Corp, Citigroup Inc., Wells Fargo & Co., and Goldman Sachs team Inc. Additionally employ numerous thousands of personnel.

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Do financial institutions Drug Test their Employees?

Each financial institution has its own Code that Ethics, and each has a various drug experimentation policy. Banks, however, are considered to be commonwealth contractors, and as such, they are compelled to comply through or i ordered it to the Drug-free Workplace regime of the federal government.

Hence, JPMorgan Chase"s code of Conduct, for example, explicitly states the "they recognize that the usage of illegal drugs and also alcohol can definitely create serious safety and also health risks.” because that this reason, JPMorgan “implements the drug-free rectal programs of the federal government.”

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Moreover, JPMorgan follow doesn"t condone the usage of drugs or gift under the affect of drugs while conducting firm business. Similarly, Wells Fargo"s Team Member Handbook categorically claims that Wells Fargo is surely “dedicated to keeping a drug-free workplace.”

Hence, it needs all that is team members to do their job-related duties unimpaired by any kind of illegal drug, alcohol, or any controlled substance; and any person found to it is in unfit for work as result of drug use may be sent out home and would be subject to corrective action which may include termination.

Wells Fargo is likewise a federal contractor, and as such, it have to comply with the commonwealth rules ~ above a drug-free workplace. Because that this reason, Wells Fargo calls for its employee to undergo random and scheduled medicine tests.

Do financial institutions Do Pre-Employment medicine Test?

Most banks require your prospective employee to undergo pre-employment drug tests. Wells Fargo in san Francisco, CA, Beaverton, OR, new York, NY, thousand Oaks, CA, san Francisco, CA, Sacramento, CA, Lynnwood, WA, Rancho Cordova, CA, Scottsdale, AZ, and also Annandale, VA do require pre-employment medicine testing.

Similarly, Citibank new York, ras Vegas, and Dallas also require their prospective employees to experience a pre-employment medicine test.

Moreover, the pre-employment drug tests performed by banks are not done throughout the initial interview. Instead, financial institution applicants through conditional job provides are usually provided two organization days to finish their drug screening requirements.

What medicine Do financial institutions Test For?

As banks are federal contractors, they space often forced to follow the federal guidelines on medicine testing, i beg your pardon were after that expanded to incorporate laboratory trial and error of oral fluid, hair, and sweat spot specimens in enhancement to to pee specimens.

These extr drug testing types are designed come detect Cocaine, Marijuana, Phencyclidine, Opiates, and Amphetamine.

What types of drug Tests are Used?

Banks have their own preferred drug trial and error type, however most the the major banks normally use a urine drug test. For example, Wells Fargo makes use of the 5-panel urine tests in that is pre-employment medicine testing, while Citibank likewise uses the 5-panel urine test in that pre-employment drug tests.

Other banks likewise seem to like the 5-panel urine medicine test end other types of drug tests.


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