Both rabbits and also chickens room fun backyard pets. But, can rabbits live through chickens and also vice versa as soon as sharing the exact same space?


There room some noticeable risks come be aware of, namely fighting and diseases.

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But once properly introduced and also taking the moment to certain they have actually clean and also spacious life arrangements, they have the right to be the perfect roommates.

Here space some measures to follow if you’re introducing these two well-known outdoor pets come ensure lock live in harmony together:


Take the time to regulate Their Introduction

It can be 2 cats, a dog…. Or rabbits and chickens. If you want animals to acquire along, especially two different types of animal, you require to present them carefully.

The younger you have the right to introduce animals, the better. Young pets are much much more adaptable and less likely to it is in aggressive.

Either way, it’s always a great idea to present them v a fence/mesh in between. Permit them both acquire used come the smells, exactly how each various other moves, and the truth that over there is no danger existing at first.

Over time enable them to share the same space and obtain to know each various other for much longer periods if you’re there.

They will virtually certainly have actually a peck in ~ each various other here and there, it’s normal to test the boundaries. As long as it’s not able to escalate, i beg your pardon is why she there, it’ll it is in fine.

Provide many of Space

The dominance of thumb right here is the the more space both her chickens and also rabbits have, the better.

Cramped problems will reason stress and also someone is almost certainly going to lash out. They require both plenty of an are to roam around, they also need some of their own space to retreat to as soon as they want to be alone.

It is possible for rabbits and also chickens to share a coop, but ideally, girlfriend should give them their very own separate living areas.

This is because you can not watch them at all times when they’re locked in under the exact same roof. Plus, they’re less likely come eat each other’s poop i beg your pardon reduces the danger of illness transferring if they’re life separately.

Stay on peak of Cleanliness

It’s very, an extremely important the you continue to be on peak of keeping the locations both pets will share really clean.

There are some diseases that can be transferred to and also from each animal, but the risks are very low when you keep their shared areas clean.

Salmonella is the key concern. Rabbits can pick this increase from chicken poop, likewise, pasteurellosis can be moved fro rabbits to chickens.

Both of which can be transferred v feces. As lot as we love our chicks and rabbits and see lock as tamed pets, we have to be real here – they will eat every other’s poop. Ewww!

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Neuter male Rabbits

Any excuse because that a cute hare pic!

A the majority of animals and this applies to rabbits, in particular, uncover it difficult to regulate thier urges unless they room neutered.

Having a masculine rabbit full of hormones in among a i m crying of hens is a recipe because that disaster. Gaining him neutered will certainly curb this urges and also make for a an ext harmonious environment.

That’s the many polite way I deserve to phrase that i think!

Any authorize of worries – separate Them

As lot as having actually your chickens and rabbits share the same space amicably would make your life easier, if it doesn’t look prefer it’s functioning out you’ll have to abandon the plan.

It’s not a large issue. You just need a separate hutch and also run for her rabbits and a coop through a run for your chickens.

I’ve talked with a bunch the backyard pet owners that have had actually both of these animals living together. They told me around the odd issue, however it cleared up for all of them.

So, it’s fair to be confident that you can develop a happy setting for both your chooks and also bunnies.

In summary – can Rabbits Live through Chickens?

If you put in the time, have space, patience, and also want the to occupational – it’s an extremely likely you’ll have actually your rabbits and chickens living together happily.

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Both types are very different in their very own ways, yet they perform both share a lot of the exact same needs.

Plus, there are couple of cuter sights than seeing a rabbit and a chicken hanging out together!

Related Questions

Coccidiosis is a parasitic condition that influence the intestinal tract of chickens, rabbits, and also some other animals.According to the MSD Manual, coccidiosis is species-specific. Definition it can not be transferred throughout different species of animals.So, there is little to no danger of a rabbit contracting coccidiosis indigenous chickens and vice versa.

Rabbits and also chickens can acquire along, absolutely.Integrating castle is a procedure that regularly needs come be regulated at first, as described in the procedures above.But lots of owners store both chickens and rabbits together in their yard, or also in the same coop and also living arrangement without any type of issues.

Rabbits are qualified of killing a chicken, yes.Rabbits have very sharp claws and additionally kick once they room fighting with other animals. Castle won’t prey on a chicken yet may lash out to defend their are or if they feel intimidated for part reason.The risk is an extremely low if you’ve incorporated them properly, however.

You deserve to keep rabbits and also chickens together in the exact same coop, yes.You can only perform this as soon as you know they are gaining along and also if they have enough an are though.Both your rabbit and also your chickens require their own room within the coop. Specifically an area the is clean and also provides the type of bedding and nesting materials they prefer.

Yes, rabbits and chickens can share a run. As long as you know they’re fine in every other’s company, the a good way to ensure castle all safe from other predators or escaping.