When it pertains to elevating your smoking experience, utilizing a weed filter guarantee a cleaner and better-tasting rip.

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There space many advantages a cannabis filter has to offer for the recreational and habitual smoker. Inhaling marijuana smoke with a carbon filter improves taste and also reduces the number of toxins and carcinogens entering her lungs.

In this article, you’ll discover what makes a marijuana filter a stoner’s favorite essential. So, role up a fatty and continue analysis with united state to come to be the expert on the healthiest way to acquire lit!

What is a weed filter?

A weed filter comes in plenty of forms. Some filters have been made by hand, while others were perfectly designed for smokers to usage for every sesh.

The basic document filter...

Have you ever seen someone roll a joint? The handmade weed filter offered is merely cardstock, urgent origami-style, in the form of a W covering in a circle. Air flow is increased through this filter since the cardstock that is being supplied creates a clear passageway for the smoke to travel within the share paper, and the way it’s folded keeps the joint from collapsing when saliva is introduced.

Furthermore, this form of exhilaration filtration stop a little of the undesirable debris that comes from pulling top top the joint. Cleaner rip? We’ll take it it. Take a look in ~ what real world are saying around using a MouthPeace weed filter.



How to make a cannabis smoke filter


To make a cannabis smoke filter by hand, you deserve to do among 3 things:

Tear a rectangle shape cardstock and also fold in the form of a W, climate wrap that in a circleInsert a glass tip filter in the tip of your joint or bluntCut a tobacco filter and insert it right into your share or dull (This technique is not right with pure cannabis joints as cigarette filters clog an extremely quickly and also can minimize THC intake as they room too tight. This is ideal used because that tobacco heavy spliffs.)

These space clever ways to boost airflow however not very effective for filtering out the harmful tar and resin. Toxin still manage to make their way through the makeshift filter and also into your lungs. Learn much more when trying come decide between using bong vs vape.

MouthPeace is a appropriate filter because that cannabis. Its triple-layer carbon filter protects her lungs and additionally makes your hits taste better. You feel a “cleaner” high. Is her mouth watering, yet?



Why is it vital to filter marijuana smoke?

Whether you’ve been smoking pot for the majority of her life or you’re just beginning out, it’s for sure to say the health and wellness of her lungs is taken right into consideration before you start to inhale weed. So, let’s touch top top the prominence of using a weed smoke filter.

Have you ever before wondered what all the exhilaration is around once you breath after a big rip? it can’t all be simply THC, although us wish…

The huge cloud of acting that follows a fight of weed has harmful toxins and also carcinogens that could be damaging to your lungs.

Furthermore, go you recognize that tar is a byproduct the burning any plant matter, not only tobacco? so every toke you take it is laced through nasty tar that gets on her lips and, ultimately, in your lungs. Discover reasons why you may experience chest pains from smoking cigarettes weed.

Many stoners are afraid that using a marijuana filter to reduce THC intake. This is a myth. Say thanks to you weed gods!

THC and also CBD molecules are teeny tiny and they do their method through the filter and also cling to your lungs. Toxins and harmful bacteria space larger, therefore the weed acting filter captures those particles while letting the lot smaller molecules pass through.. As soon as you usage a filter because that cannabis, you taste and also feel the difference. It has been described as a more energized high. Much less sluggish and weighed down. 

Plus, you can taste the pure three better. Why spend many money on marijuana the smells so amazing only to ruin it through not using a carbon filter?

Bong Filter

Another great thing around a MouthPeace bong filter is that you have the right to use that for different variations of smoking marijuana. Joint, blunt, waterpipe, rig, you name it!

To usage MouthPeace as a bong filter, you simply insert the MouthPeace filter right into the bong mouthpiece. ~ the very first inhale, you’ll check out the shade of the carbon filter change. And also that, my friends, is what isn’t going right into your body.

The triple-layer carbon bong filter gets rid of resins, contaminants, and tar from your weed smoke before it has a chance to enter your lungs.

Advantages of utilizing a share filter

The top benefits of utilizing a joint filter that is built into the pre-roll:

It renders rolling the perfect share easierIt enhances the airflowYou have the right to smoke the totality jointIt is healthy for your lungs and much more hygienic

If you’re no the Pinterest, DIY type, and you don’t want to start now with make a weed smoke filter, MouthPeace is because that you!


You insert her joint into the tiny end the MouthPeace then inhale and notification the elevated high girlfriend feel. Ever smoked a spliff? You’ll know the difference of using a filter contrasted to not, as soon as you do. One thing to note, the MouthPeace narrow opening is slightly larger than your typical joint. You’ll should either use MouthPeace Perfectly size Pre-Rolls, which are properly sized come fit or make her pre-roll pointer slightly larger. Friend can likewise wrap a bit of file around standard joints to obtain a for sure fit in her MouthPeace.

How come filter weed smoke

Using a filter for cannabis can be really easy with MouthPeace. But now you have a far better understanding the why the is crucial to filter weed smoke.

A MouthPeace is the perfect addition to her bong accessories and also can be supplied for different methods of cigarette smoking pot. Whether you desire to smoke a blunt, joint, usage a glass pipe, bong, rig, smoke v the fam or solo, you have a method to safeguard your lungs.

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The carbon filter will sort through the THC/CBD and also the toxins and also only permit the an excellent stuff in. 



Now that you have the facts laid the end in prior of you, you can not unsee it. Using a weed smoke filter is the smartest point you have the right to do because that yourself. Especially during a pandemic.

Remember, if you’re share a bong through your friends, girlfriend each need a MouthPeace to keep those germs separate! be well and stay lifted!