Have you ever before wondered if guinea pigs sleep through their eyes open? It’s a an excellent question and one that’s asked by many guinea pig lovers anywhere the human being every day. Guinea pigs are interesting creatures with amazing behavior, for this reason today, we’re going to take a closer watch at whether they sleep through their eyes open up or closed.

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Further, once we uncover whether castle sleep v their eyes closed or open, we’ll likewise take a closer look at why they perform so.

Do guinea pigs sleep through their eyes open or closed?

Guinea pigs sleep in short intervals the 3 come 10 minutes at a time. In total, they only sleep around 4 hrs a day. Once they sleep, they usually keep their eyes open, yet not always. When they feel totally safe or are worn down they periodically sleep v their eye closed.

Because guinea pigs frequently sleep v their eyes open it’s sometimes difficult to call whether your guinea pig is asleep or awake. The easiest method to call whether your guinea pig is sleeping or no is by acquisition a closer watch at your body. If they’re still and peaceful the generally method that they’re taking a rapid nap.

Why do guinea pigs store their eyes open when sleeping?

Many animals, including humans, sleep with their eyes closed. It helps the brain relax and also protects the eyes. So, why execute guinea pigs sleep with their eyes open? to answer this question, we need to delve deeper into the background of the guinea pig.

Guinea pigs space rodents the are indigenous to the Andes mountains. Prior to they ended up being our pets, they provided to live there in herds of 10 or more, feeding on the grassy plains and forest edges. Since guinea pigs are strict herbivores, and relatively small, they were at the bottom of the food chain. They to be prey pets for countless predators such together snakes, birds, coyotes, and also wild felines.

The fact that guinea pigs had numerous different predators to are afraid meant the they constantly had to be alert, also when they were asleep. If they to be not, they can easily it is in surprised by a predator while they to be asleep. Due to the fact that of this, guinea pigs progressed to sleep v their eye open. Sleeping with your eyes open allowed them come process an essential information also when they were asleep. In other words, it allowed them to continue to be vigilant, also when sleeping, other that could mean the difference between life and also death.

Of course, now that guinea pigs no much longer live in the wild they carry out not have to are afraid predators anymore. People are apex predators and also are qualified of keeping their guinea pigs perfect safe. However guinea pigs quiet sleep v their eye open. You can wonder why the is. The price is relatively straightforward. Evolution takes thousands or even millions of year to occur. Just due to the fact that guinea pigs perform not have any type of predators once kept in captivity does not average that they will all of sudden evolve to sleep with their eye closed.

Is it bad if mine guinea pig sleeps v its eyes open?

Nope, it’s perfectly regular for your guinea pig to sleep v its eye open. If you’re a first-time guinea pig owner, it can look a tiny alarming but it’s nothing to concerned about. Together I’ve explained, countless years of evolution pressure have caused her guinea pig to sleep favor that.

Try to look in ~ it from their perspective: they’re very tiny animals that have been ~ above the bottom of the food chain because that their whole history. Almost everywhere they go there to be predators lurking, ready to eat them. It to be so bad, that they can not even sleep at night without keeping their eyes open. After ~ that, they were preserved by human beings as livestock, likewise to it is in eaten. It’s only very recently the we’ve started keeping them together companion animals. If you take all of these things into account it’s an extremely understandable why they’re constantly alert and also sleep v their eye open, for most of their history, it meant the difference between life and death!

When perform guinea pigs sleep v their eye closed?

So, now you recognize that guinea pigs normally sleep with their eyes open and also understand why they perform so. However, it’s not unheard of because that guinea pigs to sleep with their eyes closed either. The doesn’t happen too frequently, yet on occasion, you can see the your cavy is resting with its eye closed. Don’t it is in alarmed, even though her piggy will usually sleep with its eyes open you don’t have actually to problem if they sleep through their eye closed either. When your guinea pig feels fully safe and relaxed, it can sometimes sleep through its eyes closed.

If you notice that your guinea pig is resting with its eye closed it means that that trusts you totally and the it feels the it is in a safe, comforting environment where it will certainly not it is in threatened. You can take this together a pretty large compliment because it way that even though guinea pigs naturally have a many to fear from their environment it tho feels safe sufficient in your visibility that it’s ready to near its eyes.

Do not feel negative if her guinea pig does not sleep v its eyes closed. I understand that I’ve said that them resting with their eyes closed method that lock feel very safe and also comfortable, but some guinea pigs will never ever sleep with their eye closed, no matter exactly how safe they feel.

What environment do guinea pigs like to sleep in?

Generally speaking, guinea pigs like to sleep in a dark, quiet environment. They favor sleeping in the dark due to the fact that it provides them feel safe and also protected because they’re less visible come predators. This permits them to relax much more and offers them a far better sleep.

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Final words

To amount it every up: guinea pigs generally sleep with their eye open, yet can likewise sleep through their eyes closed if they feel really relaxed, comfortable, and also safe. The reason why they typically keep your eyes open while sleeping is since they’re small animals that have actually spent all of their history at the bottom of the food chain. Keeping their eyes open while sleeping permitted them to stay alert and could typical the difference between life and death, which is why castle have developed to sleep through their eyes open.