Jayson request if there to be a means to make sure that indigenous ignored hyphens used in link words when doing word counts. Because that instance, he desires Word to count "real-time video" as 3 words, rather than two. Over there is no native way to perform this in Word. The factor is quite simple—the generally accepted rule is the a compound word is always treated together a solitary word. Because that instance, the link adjective "real-time" is a various word than "real time."

There space three type of link words—the closed kind ("firefly"), hyphenated type ("daughter-in-law"), and also open form ("post office"). Link words are often hyphenated to remove ambiguity (i.e., one "old-furniture salesman" plainly deals in old furniture, however an "old furniture salesman" can be an old man. In many contexts, girlfriend wouldn"t have the same problem understanding "used furniture salesman").

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Using the example "real-time video," the word count for the phrase have to equal two, because "real-time" becomes one word by virtue the the hyphenation. In the sentence, "Talk to your father-in-law," the count should be 4 words, because "father-in-law" is treated together one word. Counting "father-in-law" as 3 words would certainly be blatantly incorrect, since you"re referring to one person. So, once compound words space closed or hyphenated, they space counted together one word. If the link word is open, e.g., "post office," it is counted as two words.

If you have actually a details need to treat link words together individual words, climate the easiest means to carry out it is to search for the hyphens offered to develop the compound words and also replace them with something that won"t influence the word count. As soon as the word count is completed, girlfriend can change that "something" earlier into hyphens. Follow these general steps:

Press Ctrl+H. Word display screens the change tab of the Find and also Replace dialog box.Click top top the an ext button, if it is available. (See figure 1.)


figure 1. The change tab that the Find and also Replace dialog box.

Make certain the usage Wildcards examine box is selected.In the find What box, enter the following:

(2,)-(2,)In the replace With box, get in the following. (Note that there is a an are after the one and also before the second backslash.) 1 2Click on change All.Close the Find and Replace dialog box.Display the evaluation tab the the ribbon.Click the word Count device in the Proofing group. Word screens the counting of native in her document. (You could, that course, likewise have looked at the word count displayed on the condition bar.)Press Ctrl+Z. Word undoes the find-and-replace operation that friend did, and also your document is earlier to normal.This specific sequence of procedures replaces, v a space, any kind of hyphen that is surrounded on every side by 2 or much more letters. Thus, "real-time" would certainly be changed with "real time," yet the dash in "A-7" would certainly not be replaced.

There is something to realize once adjusting indigenous counts using a an approach such together this. If it may make sense (to some) to count "real-time video" as 3 words instead of two, most people would agree the "pre-arranged meeting" should always be counted as two and never together three. In other words, the context in i beg your pardon a hyphen is supplied can affect whether us treat the words linked by that hyphen together a solitary compound indigenous or two individual words. Any search-and-replace process, such together that explained above, looks solely at the placement of hyphens, not at their context. Thus, the word count acquired by the above procedure would count "pre-arranged meeting" as three words.

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For this an extremely reason, most world accept the idea that compound words room treated as a solitary word in any kind of word count.