I’ve to be a dwarf because that 23 year now. I have Spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia, a.k.a. Dwarfism, which comes through a broad array of fabulousness favor bow-legs, osteoarthritis in the hips and also weak joints. I was born adorable and also normal yet when ns was 3, my parental noticed just how my feet would face inwards when I walked, and that my foot were beginning to bow. Since then, they jumped indigenous hospital to hospital trying to find out what the problem was, until a physician in UMMC (known just as Universiti Hospital before) made much more sense than most.

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There room a lot we don’t talk about in Malaysia, such together the usual sex, drugs and also rock & roll. Yet one of the points we likewise don’t talk around is disabilities, an ext specifically – dwarfism. I’ve seen plenty of Malaysian parents tell their kids to closeup of the door up as soon as their kids ask me about my dwarfism and this is usually since parents feel more ‘uncomfortable’ 보다 me, whilst in other countries, parents enable their children to be approximately me and also join the conversation.


In general human being have made disability a taboo topic in order come ‘jaga’ our feelings, and this has led to a absence of empathy in the direction of the disabled. Thus, I get part really ridiculous inquiries that i’m honestly exhausted of hearing. You have the right to ask a dwarf many things, however here are 5 things you need to probably not assume around us:

1. That we’re not actual dwarves. (Huh??)

This is the most common question ns get, specifically on dating apps. Mine reaction is usually a groan followed by an eye-roll and also ends v a facepalm. There are additionally people that TELL ME I’m not a dwarf, that I’m just a ‘petite’ girl. And also I can not blame them because I’ve seen Instagram profiles of petite girl above the elevation of 4’10” putting “A dwarf/midget!” on your profile, when in truth they’re simply 5’2” and also adorably cute.


Petite vs tall.

I recognize everyone wants to be Thorin (dwarf from lord of the Rings) since he’s hot… yet he’s not genuine – I am. There’s likewise those wonderful human being who love to ‘defend’ me native myself once I contact myself a dwarf, like, “Don’t call yourself that! That’s not nice!” Stop. Please.

Besides that, everyone has actually it in your head that ALL dwarves look choose the persons in The Hobbit or like Peter Dinklage. I had world tell me, “But your limbs aren’t the short”, or, “But her head isn’t large and disproportionate”.

A dwarf, as identified by the advocacy group small People of America (LPA), is an adult with the elevation of 4’10” or under, as a an outcome of a clinical or genetic condition. Yes, the many common kind of dwarfism is Achondroplasia (which is what Peter Dinklage has), but not everyone of united state looks prefer him. I mean look in ~ Amanda Loy (below), who is a bodybuilder. She to be born through hypochondroplasia, a form of dwarfism where her physique stays in proportion.


Amanda is 4 feet tall. Photo from day-to-day Mail

2. The we’re straight-A students

The Asian culture of only scoring As additionally affects us dwarves. I always got compared to every the disabled human being who got straight As and made the media, together as Quintina Tan Guey Juan who scored 9A+ and also 1A for she SPM. Also, over there were additionally the 3 Paralympians – Mohamad Ridzuan Mohamad Puzi, Muhammad Ziyad Zolkefli, and also Abdul Latif Romly who obtained us 3 gold medals during the 2016 Summer Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro.


Yeah yellow medals!!! photo from thestar.com.my

People have even asked on Yahoo! Answers: Are short people/dwarf world are much more intelligent climate tall people…? We likewise found the same inquiry on Quora. Like wuuuut??

Family members will certainly talk about them and also how I’m also disabled yet I can’t score right As or get gold medals. Don’t obtain me wrong, their stories room inspiring, yet Malaysians then have actually this perception that we’re every ‘beating the odds’, ‘strong’ and also capable of scoring straight As. Anyone expects me to be this method because no one intended me to it is in a normal kid who an extremely much favored watching TV more than she preferred studying.


The just gold medals i get.

My father constantly told me the if i don’t work hard enough, the ‘normal’ kids will obtain ahead than me in life because all I had was my brains due to the fact that I can’t execute anything physical. It take it me years to prove to my dad that obtaining straight as wasn’t the only way to it is in successful and get front of the ‘normal’ kids.

3. That ours menstrual blood isn’t red


Notice exactly how they use chemical-ey blue liquid in period pad commercials?

This is something a MALAYSIAN HIGH institution TEACHER inquiry my girlfriend who also has a form of dwarfism. Apparently, because we watch different, we additionally don’t bleed the exact same blood. Sheesh. Talk around the exactly how questionable the Malaysian level of education is. If I obtained asked that question, I’d probably simply tell them, rainbows and sunshine, and if that a hefty flow, splendors too.

But if you’re wondering, yes, “dwarf women typically have common reproductive functions.” Read around it here and here.

Malaysians dislike talking around what go on in our bodies, be it sex, period and just how our genitals work. (Many women today still think the they urine from your vaginas. No, they do not.) Not only do we refuse come teach sex ed, yet when schools have actually talks around periods, they do it an ext about how to no throw your pads in the toilet quite than talk about WHY period happens and what happens your body; the biology of it.

Yeah, we get complimentary pads during those talks, yet that’s the only really an useful thing we’re acquiring from those talks. I had to learn a lot around periods and also my womanhood from amazing YouTube videos and also websites make to education girls.

Probably like many taboo topics in Malaysia, civilization are just too uncomfortable to talk about it. To me, it speak volumes about our education system when an education assumes dwarves don’t even bleed the exact same blood. Do you even know how periods work, bruh? This is why we must evolve our education and learning system to enable discussions top top ‘uncomfortable’ topics so our youngsters can flourish up to be more effective educators and also people won’t have actually so many ridiculous assumptions.

4. That us can’t drink or smoke

Many Malaysians believe that if you drink or smoke, you’re a negative person and also disabled world are supposed to it is in ‘pure’ and ‘innocent’. 

I know that numerous health conditions may prohibit some from drink or smoking, most dwarves have actually the very same biology as any kind of other person, just in a smaller sized package. Most civilization with dwarfism have the right to have active, healthy lives and normal life spans.

Another myth I’d additionally like come bust is that due to the fact that we’re smaller, we can’t handle alcohol and also larger people. Over there are plenty of factors that come right into play when it pertains to alcohol tolerance such as genes, drinking history, gender and also so forth. Yet many forms of dwarfism space just people with a normal torso with short limbs, thus they would have large organs for their size, providing them MORE tolerance 보다 a boy of the exact same size.

Also, ns think it’s usual sense the if i’m in mine 20s, and also I’ve been cigarette smoking for a couple of years, the you’d think I’d have currently talked to my doctor about it.


Of course we drink. Just how do you think we handle all your ridiculous assumptions?

5. That us can’t have sex


Romeo oh romeo

Left this for last because I think this is the most asked inquiry I obtain by Malaysians. Human being don’t realise this yet many Malaysians space really afraid to talk around sex. I have met plenty of that talk around sex as if castle so pro at that but… *sigh*…many do not even know what STDs are. So when it comes to dwarves having sex, that doesn’t it seems to be ~ real. Yes, dwarves do have sex. Yes, we have normal genitals. and from every single female dwarf the end there, yes, we deserve to take it.

It’s difficult for some and also not countless Malaysians space open-minded sufficient to even go top top a date with us (My experience component 1 & 2), but that doesn’t mean we don’t want it to happen. You don’t just assume the a virgin has actually no sex-related needs, carry out you? Some human being even questioning me how dwarves have sex together if it’s past impossible. The course, me gift me, i go on a full rant about blood rituals and also invoking Satan’s name in loud moans.

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But you can ask us, sincerely, about how sex works for us or just how it can be different, however I think it’s rude to assume us don’t have actually sex or have sexual needs AT ALL.

It’s ok to ask, really