Ok this is the story after ~ the Propose and Telling the parents story. For this reason yea the 3erd part, ns don"t know why I simply didn"t say that. Anyway expect you enjoy!! permit the story begin!!!!!!__________________________________________________________________Tomorrow is the wedding. Ns was reasoning we would of waited much longer then 2 days because that the wedding after us told our parents. However I assumption: v not. Right now, Grover, Nico and also my good friend Jason, room trying to acquire me into the car. They wont tell me where they want to take me. Jason and Nico. Got me and put right into the car. Nico got in next to me and Jason in front. Grover started to drive."You understand your kidnaping me right?" ns ask"Yea, however I"m sure we did way worse points in our life"s." Jason says"Cant you just tell me whereby were going?" i yell"No." Nico says"This is gonna it is in fun." Grover saysI didn"t speak anything else. Grover concerned a avoid after about ten minutes. Nico put a bag over my head. Lock made certain I might breath and started to drive again. Ns suggled against Nicos and also Jason"s hold."I to be going to us my strength if girlfriend don"t allow go and take this dam dag turn off my head!" i was really mad now"Wow mouth!" Nico yelled"Percy were no going to hurt you. To be here." Jason says"Then take it the bag off my fucking head!" ns yell and also felt a tug in my gut. The water foutean blow up in all three of your faces. Ns ripped turn off the bag. Then ns saw where we were. We were in ~ Olympus."Why didn"t friend tell me us were going here?" i yell"We didn"t think you"d want to go." Grover says"I would treatment to go!" i yell"Sorry." Nico says"Why did you lug me here anyway?" i say"A bachulers partty!" Jason saidWe walked to Olympus. Once we acquired there my father treated me. Us talked and also talked while everyone was havering fun. Too many of world were here."I cant think my son is obtaining married!" Poseidon said"Yea." i say"Hows Annabeth?" Dad asked"I hardly obtained to see her. Thiela is come busy v her." i say"Oh. Well you will see her tomorrow ""Yep as soon as I become a husbean." i say"Go have fun Percy" dad saysI go off and have fun. The feast the the night to be great. Soon my friends found me and said that we should go. That was about 2 in the morning for this reason they to be right. Grover drove us again and we got back to camp in no time. I stated goodnight and also went to the lake rather of bed. Ns sat ~ above the beach. Was there walking to it is in a wedding? What if Athena stop it? ns sat there for a couple of minutes and thought. Ns got earlier up and went to mine cabin. I changed in to various clothes and also looked the end my window.There was a hit on my door. Ns answered"Hi Annabeth." i sayAnnabeth offered me a hug "I missed you Percy." She saysI rapped ky arms around her. "I missed friend to." ns say "come ~ above in" we walked inside and sat on mine bed "I cant think were gaining married." Annabeth said"And tomorrow." ns say"Percy?" "Yea?""Why carry out you desire to marry me?" Annabeth askedI smiled "Annabeth, ns love much more then anything. I cant think the anything i love more. You room the one I want to be through the rest of my life. Ns love you." She kissed me."I love you more." She says"I love girlfriend most." i say "why perform you want to get married me?" i am really wanting come know"At first, once we very first meet, i hated you. Yet over the years I just couldn"t assist but love you. And love you. And also finilly ns couldn"t was standing it."I laughed. I kissed she again. We laid down on mine bed and also fell asleep. In the morning Thaila woke united state up with a bucket of ice cream water. Or at least that woke up Annabeth i didn"t feel a thing. I stayed asleep. A big gust of wind woke me up."What?" i yelled"Did you guys....." Leo traled off"No! we sware ~ above the flow Says!" i say and also their deals with weren"t therefore red"Ok, Annabeth come on. Wedding is in 3 hours. Gods i cant wait!" and also dragged Annabeth out of the room."By Annabeth!" ns yell"You all set for this?" Jason stated with a smile"For what?" i askThen my other friends native the Romen camp walked right into my room. Hazel and Frank.I provided them a hug." what space you men doing here?" i say v a smile."We"re right here to check out your wedding! yet I need to assist with Annabeth so.. See you later Percy!" Hazel to be gone"Yep." frank said"We have got to acquire you ready?" Nico said"Agreed come on." Grover lead. Frank, Jason, Nico, Leo, and also me come a camp Half-blood van a drove come Olympus. When we acquired there Aphrodite to be going crazy with decorations and also other wedding stuff. Mine dad came approximately me."Why don"t you men go help Aphrodite therefore I have the right to talk v my son." they nodded and also walked trowed Aphrodite."Hey dad." ns say"What on earth are girlfriend warring?" My dad asked. I forgot i was wareing my old clothes"Oops." i sayMy dad anapestic his fingers and I to be in and suit. Wow that was quick."Much better." Dad says "Did you view the cake?" I people around and saw a 5 layer cake. The one at the bottom was the sea, the next books and pages of old documents, climate the sea and also so on. But the peak layer to be a snapshot of me and Annabeth. Us were danceing. We looked therefore happy."Wow." i sayI looked at the set up that Aphrodite was putting together. It was nothing like the ocean or anything favor that. It to be a white collection up and I to be happy to watch that. I assisted Aphrodite for a pair of hrs when geust began to arrive. My mom and also Annabeth dad. My step dad. Zeus offered my action dad and Annabeths dad strength to see with the mist for only today. I offered them every hugs."My little boy is getting married!" mom said"You better be good to her." Annabeths dad said"Um correct sir. Ns will. You can trust me." i say"Yea.." the said and walked away through my action dad and also I blushed"Hello, perform you mental me?" mine dad asked my momMom provided him a hug "How might I forget you?" ns walked far Elton allow them chatch up. Before I knew it it was time. Aphrodite showed me mine place. The music started. I acquired butrflys. The doors opened. Anyone took there seat. Annabeth walked out of the door. She looked beautiful. Her lengthy white dress. It had actually sparkles the went under one side. Together she walked under the aile through her dad by her. She dad stared at me. He gave me Annabeths arm."Do girlfriend Percyouse Jackson, take it Annabeth situation to be your wife?" Zeus asked"I do." ns say"Do friend Annabeth instance take Percyouse Jackson to be you husbenlan?""I do." She looked me in the eyes"Then I currently prenouse you two husband and also wife. You might kiss the bride. " and also I did. Ns pulled away slitly and whipserd "I love you."Everyone cheered. Annabeth with her flowers and Piper cautched them. Her and Jason"s turn. Jason turn red when Piper verified him the flower"sI picked up Annabeth and also spun us around. We room married! Annabeth Jackson! Percy Jackson! Annabeth smiled the feet time and also kissed me. It was time because that Annabeth and I to slow dance. I took she on the dance floor. Ns rapped both mine hands about her waist and also she rapped her hands roughly my neck and laid she head on my shoulder."Are friend havering fun?" i whispered"Yes." She answered"You know, now that we"re married, you don"t have to live v Jessica anymore." ns say"Who will certainly take treatment of her?" Annabeth asked v her head tho on mine shoulder"We"ll find somewhere." i say"Then that will i live with?" Annabeth smiled"With me." ns say"In her apartment through you mom and dad?" She asked"We deserve to live through them or on our own. Everything you want, that is yours." ns say"I love you." She says"I love girlfriend more." ns say"I love you most." She saysWe room silent because that the remainder of of the song. Once the tune was done, everyone chewed. I forgot they were watching us. My mother walked as much as Annabeth and I."Welcome to the household Annabeth." mommy said"Thank girlfriend Ms.Jackson." Annabeth said"Mom" my mommy said"Mom" Annabeth offered my mother a hug. Annabeth to be crying. Annabeth pulled away."So, space you two going come live with each other alone, or v me?" mommy asked"You would treatment if we lived v you?" i asked"I wouldn"t mind in ~ all." mother said"We"ll speak it over, give thanks to you so much." Annabeth said"No problem. " mother saidA bright irradiate flashed into the room. I covered Annabeths and my moms eyes. Once I opened up my eyes I saw Athena."Percy Jackson!" Athena shoutedI to be going to step forward as soon as Annabeth grabbed my arm. Ns told she I"ll be fine. And walked come Athena. She looked in ~ me with her eyes."Yes lady Athena?" i say"I should talk come you now." Athena said and also snapped her fingers and we to be gone. We were in a solid white room. That looked choose it never ever ended"You have married my daughter, Percy Jackson." Athena said"Yes mama. I will take good-" I began to say"You will take great care that her. Friend will perform what she wants as soon as she desires it. Friend will carry out what she says once she says it. I don"t aprove of this." Athena said"I will do anything for her." ns say"I understand you will." She said."Why don"t girlfriend wants united state to it is in together?" ns askexShe looked in ~ me "your father and also I are enimes. I carry out not want my chile"s v his son. Ns really don"t desire them through you Percy Jackson." She looked in ~ me and I started to obtain that zapped feeling. Currently its worse. I fell to my knees in pain and also screamed. This is the worse pain ns have ever deen in, in my life. It finaly stopped and I was ago at mine wedding. Top top the floor. Annabeth ran come me."Percy room you ok?" She askedI swolloued "I-im fine." and Annabeth assisted me to mine feet however had come sit down as soon as I gained up. Apollo came over and also moved the crying Annabeth the end of his way. I might barley save my eyes open. Apollo looked at me and also stuck a popsickle rod in mine mouth."He has been electrified by a an effective zap. Right here Percy take this. Poseidon please." that handed me a cup of the mixture he gave me yesterday and I feeling better"I cant keep giveing that that. If I give him two much more cups the is certain to die." Apollo said quietly"Ok give thanks to you Apollo." Dad saidHazel, frank, and Leo stepped foreword. "Are friend ok." Hazel asked"Yea just peachy." i say and also I observed my mother holding Annabeth because she was crying. Ns tried to acquire up but my dad quit me. He said I essential to continue to be seated for around 15 minoits before moveing. Zeus obtained the party going again and also all my friends sat at the table through me. Also my mom."What was that about?" mother asked together I crib Annabeth in mine arms."Athena and I really do NOT obtain along." ns say"What happened up there?" Jason asked"Athena was telling me i cant be with Annabeth and also so we acquired into a fight." i say"You picked a fight with a goddess?" mom asked"Mom, you would not believe who I choose fights with. Ares, Hades, Kronose, Zeus, Dionysus -" i was stopped"Yes yes., just around every God and also Titan. And also you won them or someone stopped them." Nico said"Wow!" mother said"Would would certainly not think how brave he is to." Grover said"Yea one time Percy drank gor-" I quit Hazel"Hey! therefore hi mom hows the going?" i say"Percy drank what?" Annabeth asked"He drank gor-" open minded started"Coming dad!" I acquired up and also ran far from them. Ns didn"t want them to know around the gorgons blood. Who knows what Annabeth would do. Or my mom.I walked about talking come people and had come sit down a couple of times due to the fact that I kept acquiring light headed. World kept congratulating me."Percy!" five godsI found my dad"Hello Percy. I think someone dubbed your name." Dad said"Yea however I think I desire to stick v you, ok?" i asked"Ok Percy." Dad laughedMe and my dad talked. Than Annabeth discovered me. She was still warring she wedding dress."Percy! you drank gorgons blood? you could"ve died." She fight me ~ above the shoulderI looked up in ~ my dad for help but he smiled and also walked far to speak to Zeus."Look, Annabeth, sweetness, I"m fine. Watch I"m alive and if i didn"t I maybe wouldn"t also remembered you." ns sayAnnabeth jumped in my arms.

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"Please don"t do anything like that again Seaward Brain." Annabeth said and also started come cry"Annabeth, don"t cry. I love you." J brought her in to a kiss and that was a long kiss..........................