Am i the only one who thinks it would've been lovely and poetic and also beautiful if Frasier and also Roz finished up together, and also he embraced Alice? Sure, some would allude out that they don't have a lot in common, and Roz isn't cultured or sophisticated like Frasier, but the specific same thing might be said about Daphne, and that posed no hindrance come her relationship with Niles.

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I'm so glad they didn't walk on this direction. I'm even disappointed that they slept together. I really like that castle are simply friends. You don't view that lot on TV. Plus, as much as Roz loves men, I prefer that she manages to have actually a child and a successful career there is no a secure relationship.

That being said, it would certainly be sort of a nod to Martin and also Hester's relationship. V the genders reversed.

I in reality think Roz is really cultured and sophisticated.

Especially in later seasons she's idea references and does things which show she could (and does) for comfortably into Frasier's world.

She merely chooses not to ~ above a regular basis, and sometimes finds that civilization humorous.

I think (one that the many) ideal parts that the present is just how Roz (who lock so frequently act favor is so beneath them) is in reality the daughter the the lawyer General, if Frasier & Niles space the sons of a blue collar cop & obviously, while not broke, live waaaaayyyyy above their means in order to assert their perceived "status."

I think if Frasier and also Roz obtained together, it would certainly have ruined their whole relationship. Fraiser has actually a trouble where he finds every error in every relationship. Potentialism pushing her away like he did with Faye and Claire (who would have been an excellent for the IMO). They have actually a sturdy partnership as finest friends and had a strong foundation set. Castle were each others best opposite gender relationship that they relied on. Lock were constantly meant to be close and have a exceptional relationship, however just not in that way.

They walk love each other and also complemented one an additional well. Watching the never get close to any women for long, but nearly always on great terms and an extremely close with Roz -- I certainly see the appeal and also think it can have worked. Yet Frasier sabotages every his relationships...their friendship would have been ruined had lock gone for it before he fixed those issues. That goes for any type of woman.

I certainly would have actually liked to check out this, but only at the series finale (especially did not like the way it go end).

I would have loved the actually. Among my favorite "parts" is as soon as Frasier gets jealousy of Roz because that seeing their 'boss' and Roz confessed having an attraction because that Frasier when they an initial met. I would have really appreciated seeing the develop. Especially because I type of relate to Roz and also could live vicariously through her through Frasier. I have actually a huge crush top top him.

While I perform think the Frasier was covertly in love v Roz, i think walk in this direction would certainly be nice cliche.

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I wish this had actually happened, however it could only have functioned if the plotline of your relationship had actually been entirely different from in ~ latest, say, Season 7 (picked somewhat arbitrarily since that's normally the cutoff human being pick once they say they wish the show had gone differently). In ~ the an extremely least, the final season would have had actually to have actually been completely different in stimulate to job-related up to it in a normal way.But I'm a huge believer in Frasier/Roz. I posted around it a couple of months ago, IIRC, and I think it provides a most sense. That said, I might actually most most likely see a scenario where, in a theoretical reboot, Frasier comes ago from Chicago/SF/wherever and reconnects v her. I think that would fit with all the great parts the the pairing while acquiring rid of a lot of the objections people have to them getting together on the show itself.