I totally feel for you -- Bladder infections space no fun! I"ve never had actually a bladder infection delay my period, but that doesn"t median it couldn"t be the cause. It might be a good time come grab a huge ol" glass that cranberry juice and give your medical care provider a call.

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What a good question! I’ve never ever heard the this happening and did some checking around. It doesn’t look prefer a UTI would certainly really hold-up your period, however be sure and also check the end what Sandy needs to say ~ above the topic. I additionally hope you space seeking therapy if you are suffering indigenous a UTI.


Urinary street Infections (UTI), like any infection, can be upsetting to her body. Her immune device gets geared up to fight the infection and also could actually cause some anxiety on some other body systems. Typically, however, many infections that we acquire don’t make disturbances that us really notification (e.g., a so late period). If her body was feeling really run down or if you had a kidney infection instead of your usual UTI, that absolutely could add to the delay. I think friend should take into consideration some various other reasons because that a late period.

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Can acquiring a Pap smear a couple of days before your duration affect your period when it comes on?

Peer Answer: I’ve had quite a few Pap smears, every at various points in my cycle. Though, I prefer to plan ahead and also schedule mine appointments after ~ my period is done. Ns honestly no sure just how or even if it might...

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Can PMS make you to pee a lot?

Peer Answer: ns haven’t run into the concern of peeing more than normal once I have actually PMS. Unfortunately, I have actually experienced the symptoms of a bladder infection. I’m not sure whether or no your peeing a many is related...

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This is not intended come be clinical advice. Everybody is various so you re welcome make sure to consult your medical professional if you"re having actually issues. Do not delay or stop from seeking skilled medical advice from her physician since of other you have read ~ above this site.

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