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Many kind of clients ask us if they deserve to shade their hair to treat head lice or insist that their regime hair appointments would kill any kind of lice if they were to gain it. This is a prevalent misconception and although hair dye and bleach might contain solid chemicals it is not solid sufficient to kill head lice.

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What happens if you dye/color your hair as soon as you have lice?

Although hair dye might significantly change the look of your hair and also contain solid chemicals, it won’t have the ability to kill head lice.

Because a lot of people frequently have lice for at least a few weeks before learning it, they regularly go about their normal activities consisting of coloring their hair before being treated for lice. We watch this often and also from our monitorings, the dye doesn’t kill the lice and also colors them with the hair. If someone dyes their hair pink the lice and also nits will certainly be pink. The hair dye likewise won’t suffocate the lice bereason they are able to shut their bodies dvery own for up to 18 hrs while hair dye is normally only left on for around 45 minutes.

What happens if you bleach your hair once you have actually lice?

Achieving bappropriate blonde hair often needs the usage of strong chemicals however unfortunately bleach doesn’t kill head lice either.

The major component in hair bleach is hydrogen peroxide which is not known to kill head lice. Bleach is also frequently not left on the hair for very long. If a warmth dryer is provided throughout the bleaching process the excessive temperature can kill some of the lice and also nits but it is unmost likely that it would certainly kill a whole infeterminal.

Can you dry or straighten your hair to kill lice?

The warmth from a blow dryer can kill some of the lice, yet you will more than likely burn yourself before killing the whole infeterminal.

Head lice cannot survive too much temperatures consisting of high heat which leads many type of of our clients to ask if making use of warmth on their hair will kill lice. The warm can kill the lice yet in most instances it won’t kill every one of it. With a hair straightener you are not acquiring all the method to the scalp via the warmth so you might burn some of the nits this way yet you won’t have the ability to reach the actual lice. The warmth from a blow dryer will reach the scalp but you are most likely to burn your scalp trying to kill the lice this way before you are able to obtain all of them. Using any kind of warm will certainly likewise reason the nits to crystallize, which implies they have actually melted onto the hair strand. This implies the nit is dead yet it is still in the hair and is harder to remove also via a lice comb.

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Closing Notes

While some of these techniques can possibly kill some head lice, namong these things are recommfinished as a way to treat head lice. Going to a expert or utilizing an all herbal therapy kit is a a lot safer and less complicated path to treat lice. Coloring or bleaching hair have the right to reason permanent damage especially if done in combicountry with using chemical lice treatments and combing the hair. Using high warmth can burn your scalp and also reason warm damages to your hair. Using a fine lice comb will certainly always be the ideal means to treat an infeterminal.