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Crack! it is the sound i love to hear together I popular music my knuckles. Now I understand that because that some, this is the many excruciating sound, and also for others it is their biggest pet peeve. We are all entitled to our opinions on knuckle cracking, but I for one am a big fan. I think after ~ a lengthy day that writing, or simply a lengthy day in general, coming home and also releasing the push from her knuckles, her neck, her back, it every feels great. However, I have actually been warned about this every due to the fact that I to be little. Ns remember mine grandmother telling me that if I ongoing to execute this, ns would obtain arthritis, and also she was no the just one to send me this warning. Currently as a child, I thought her and also was concerned I had messed up my finger forever…Luckily this was not the case. But, ns am quiet curious regarding whether or no she to be being truthful, or simply trying to scare me right into stopping. The is possible that she simply hated the sound, among all the others who told me the very same story, and also that this was a means to protect against the cracking. Ns wasn’t certain, but I was determined to find the truth.

If we check out THIS article by the Harvard health Publications we start to find some answers. Castle tell united state that according to many studies, knuckle cracking does not cause arthritis. In reality, cracking her knuckles is basically just releasing the pressure built up in the fluid uncovered in her joints. This is called synovial fluid and it helps show that cracking your knuckles is really not dangerous. However, they perform say the it can reason your hand to swell later on in your life. Ns don’t know if i truly believe this, and also I hope it is no true since I cracked my knuckles fairly often. THIS short article from WebMd likewise tells us that cracking your knuckles go not cause arthritis, contradictory to well-known belief. They have actually a theme very comparable to the of the Harvard article, and also there space many more you can find backing up the concept that cracking her knuckles does no cause any type of sort that harm, especially not arthritis.

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So I would advise friend to continue cracking her knuckles, if that is what you like to do. It might start to stroked nerves those about you, yet that is her call. It will certainly not hurt you, that just can annoy your friends!

Photo found HERE

HERE is an additional link to a fun BuzzFeed video clip that further describes this point. If you are still questioning the facts, watch this video! It tells you what cracking your knuckles in reality does and the evidence backing up the “harmless” theory. Ns hope this didn’t crack you up as well much!

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