Ever since Dan Howell and Phil Lester showed up together, fans have actually been wonder if they are dating. On June 18, they evidenced they were relocating in together!

Dan and also Phil have millions the followers, and all of them are curious to know about the connection rumors. The pair have been do content due to the fact that 2014. Recently, they determined to share another significant life update with their fans together they revealed they currently owned a house.

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Dan Howell and Phil Lester’s date rumors explored

Dan and Phil have actually been collaborating because 2009. Your bond seemed to have captured the fist of many as the duo came to be an instant hit top top the internet.

Their fans always had doubts if the pair had actually been dating, yet they never got a confirmation. In June 2019, Dan exit a video clip titled: “Basically, i’m gay.” In the video, Dan opened up around growing up as a queer person, mental wellness struggles, and others.

He also spoke about Phil and also wrote: “It was more than simply romantic. This is someone who genuinely liked me. Ns trusted them. And for the an initial time since I was a tiny son I actually felt safe… we are real finest friends. Companions with life. Like, actual heart mates.”

Following this, just 17 days later, Phil posted a video of his own titled: “Coming the end to you.” because of this, countless thought the the pair might be dating. However, an official confirmation never ever came.

Dan Howell opens up around his relationship

After seeing numerous fans asking around his relationship status, Dan finally broke his silence. The YouTuber confirmed he want to keep things private.

He said: “I gambling so many people wanna understand so much much more than that, which, honestly, i take together a compliment, yet here’s the thing… I’m someone who wants to store the details of my personal life private. For this reason is Phil.”

Dan hinted the would never ever openly recognize if that was date anyone. Meanwhile, Phil has not comment on his status.


Dan Howell and Phil Lester buy new house

In a brand-new pose, Dan revealed Phil and he to be moving right into their brand-new house. The wrote: “The crate boys are now officially homeowning homosexuals.” Dan and Phil had actually opened up around their residence in their YouTube video titled: “We’ve something come tell you!”

The pair revealed they had bought the residence in 2017. Dan and Phil revealed they had actually been functioning on the home to make certain it was their dream home. However, if you are expecting a home tour, we suggest you don’t.

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The YouTubers hinted there won’t be any type of house tour video as they want to keep privacy.