It’s been an ext than 2 decades since Girlfriends aired its last episode, but the TV display remains to be a classic. Girlfriends aired top top UPN for 6 seasons and moved come The CW because that its finishing seasons. The display followed a group of four women, each navigating life and also balancing occupational life and relationships, and also still doing right by their friendship in ~ the finish of the day.

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(L-R) Joan (Tracee Ellis Ross) and also Maya (Golden Brooks) | Ron Tom/Getty Images

The Girlfriends actors reunited on Zoom to talk about their time top top the show, and some secrets concerned light. Among the behind-the-scenes secrets associated a prank the the cast loved doing, and also as it turns out, among the actors members was slightly turn on by the go-to trick.

Brooks said 1 on collection prank slightly turned her on

The actors of Girlfriends have been vocal around their functioning relationship and have shown fans just how united they were on set. The ladies had a reunion via Zoom and also spilled a many behind-the-scenes secrets for their fans.

One the the tricks that the women let ~ above was that they had actually a prank i beg your pardon was kind of a legacy for them. The joke contained the females flashing each various other randomly. Throughout the Zoom reunion, gibbs Tracee Ellis Ross asked the other ladies if they recalled the flashing phase they go through.

The remainder of the group gleefully agreed and also laughed if reminiscing. The females agreed that the flashing to be a “thing” castle did because that a lengthy time to every other. However, together The points reports, Brooks had a lot riding with the pranks together she confessed that the flashings would turn her on.

She said, “we would go into each other’s room, and literally, ns was contempt turned on.” Persia White, who played Lynn, jokingly asked the remainder of the ladies if they might do that one much more time “for the road.” Although lock declined, the totality confession to be worth a laugh.

Golden Brooks was Maya on ‘Girlfriends’

Golden Brooks was part of the four lead gibbs on the show. Fans very first got acquainted with the character on the very first episode together Joan Clayton’s secretary. Maya married she high institution sweetheart Darnell and had a son together, Jabari. Their marital relationship at an initial seemed solid, but it hit a bump when she had an emotional affair with a colleague.

AGREED! we relate method more currently that us lived some life #GirlfriendsonNetflix

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During the first few episodes the the an initial season, she and Toni bumped heads a lot due to Toni’s ego-driven lifestyle. However, castle found common ground after ~ a fight at the club erupted, finishing with Toni realizing the Maya had her back. Viewers obtained to watch Maya change from a girl who flourished up in Compton come a effective self-help author. She lastly bought she dream home, and also after reuniting v Darnell, they relocated to West Adams.

What is Brooks approximately today?

After Girlfriends finished in 2008, Brooks gained busy with miscellaneous projects. She operated on A great Man is Hard come Find, playing Rachel the year and in 2010 appeared in Polish Bar as Ebony. She has appeared in other films such as The an excellent Divide, Supermodel, certainly Divorcing, and practically Amazing.

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In 2008 she additionally appeared in CSI: Miami in a guest duty playing Pam Dashiell. She adhered to that up v The Exes in 2011 and Hollywood Divas in 2014. Brooks showed up in a reunion episode in Blackish playing Malika and in I to be The Night as a continuous playing Jimmy Lee.

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