that Dies In Fairy Tail? Every Death, Ranked By woe Fairy Tail has had actually its same share of character deaths, but which fallen mage endured the many tragic death of all?

for a series that"s run as lengthy as Fairy Tail, fatality is an inevitability. Any collection cannot probably go top top that long without shedding some heroes and also villains alike. Some may even argue that the series should have had actually even much more death scenes, such as Gajeel"s minute with Bloodman throughout the final arc.

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Despite part questionable decision-making here and there, rather a couple of of the deaths in the series were saddening and impactful. A few of these deaths happened earlier in the series and were oft-forgotten about when contrasted to what occurred later throughout the Tartaros and Alvarez arcs.

no all deaths are meant to carry forth tears to the eyes of fans, and God Serena"s demise is one nobody will lose sleep over. What renders his death sad is the truth that he might be the biggest victim of having also many bad guys in the Alvarez arc. That was gathered as a god-level character, one who manhandled the magician saints and also planned to eradicate every dragons. However, those dreams came crashing down versus Acnologia once he to be treated like mere fodder and taken out in a flash.

Hades to be the 2nd guild leader of Fairy Tail who"d lost his way, coming to be consumed with the understanding of the shed arts and how whatever started with Zeref. Similar to many poor guys, his objectives revolved about the key antagonist the the whole series along v Acnologia. The sad part was no the death itself, however rather, the truth that that was killed by the really person he to be trying to awaken. Right before his end, he also realized how wrong his plot were, misjudging that Zeref was and what that was qualified of.

Yes, Makarov gets revitalized after his death in among the plenty of cop-out moments that constantly pester the series. Just like Gajeel, Mashima battles with ever before letting characters meet their ultimate demise, fatality at times being as irreversible as that is in Dragon Ball.

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It"s unfortunate because Makarov"s death was one of the much more emotional moments in the collection when he sacrificed himself to safeguard the members he saw as children.

7 Irene

Irene to be an amazing member of the Spriggan 12, one who managed to go toe come toe v Acnologia and was Erza"s mother. The motherly connection was a huge reason why her fatality was so sad. As two of the strongest women of the series, both mother and daughter to be in a heated battle, one whereby Irene had a slim edge. As it looked like she to be going come land the last blow ~ above Erza, Irene instead turned the tongue on herself. Her inability to death her own daughter to be sad, as was the fact that she cursed suicide.

Ur"s death happened earlier in the series, and also she was a character that never acquired a whole lot of development as she only appeared in flashbacks and also briefly throughout the Alvarez arc. Still, her death had a major impact ~ above the show. It"s why Gray was the way he was, blaming self for years and fueling a rivalry through not only fellow student Lyon but additionally Ur"s daughter. She dying words additionally hit fans appropriate in the heart and serve as proof that characters don"t always need to it is in well-established to have a sad death.

5 silver- Fullbuster

No character has had it rather as stormy as Gray has, shedding both his father and his mentor right before his eyes. It"s what aided shape him into one of the much more well-rounded characters among the main cast.

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His fight with Silver during the Tartaros arc to be excellent and also one that the far better ones during it. The end of it to be perfectly done once Silver pleaded with Gray to death him while his son was can not to execute it. Furthermore, Silver stated no true father would harm his son, fully repenting for what he"d done.

As much as villains go, Zeref was a an extremely interesting one. It is rare to have actually an antagonist who just wants to die, to taste that sweet release that comes with it. The truth that his desire for death was for this reason innately entwined with Mavis make it every the more interesting to check out unfold. Fans knew that his death would it is in bittersweet, and the two of them admitting their love for one another, lifting your curse in the process, was exactly that. It detailed them both with a an excellent moment come wrap up your story.

3 August

With exactly how he was constructed up, fans had a sneaking apprehension that there was much more to August than what was shown on the surface. He wasn"t just going to be a generic bad guy because that Fairy Tail to overcome, and also that was proven right. He had actually the many depth of any kind of of the Spriggan 12 and such a heart-wrenching death to go through it. Having been the boy of Zeref and also Mavis, august went with his life neglected and also never feeling the love a kid needs. The desire for love became his undoing as the sight of Mavis brought about him to avoid a dangerous spell, causing his disintegration.

Simon was an additional example that a guy who made a substantial impact because that the short amount the time he was on screen. While fans may argue that August and also even Silver might be higher, Simon had one that the very first sad deaths in the entirety series. His sacrifice throughout the Tower of heaven is component of the reason the arc is rightfully regarded as highly as the is. The reality that the jumped in prior of Jellal"s spell to block an strike on Erza, the mrs he loved, is still among the best-done deaths in the entirety series.

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1 Igneel

Igneel"s return was a pretty exciting moment and also one that resulted in a battle with Acnologia that, if short, solidified both the them together powerhouses and noted proof because that why they to be so feared. He held his own for a time before being easily overwhelmed by the enormous amount of strength the black dragon had, being take it in fifty percent by the battle"s end. The didn"t prevent him from having actually a teary-eyed moment with Natsu, where he said his kid that he would certainly be the one to defeat the black color dragon.

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