He’s travel the people with KC and also the Sunshine Band, yet for singer-songwriter Harry Wayne Casey, there’s no place he’d rather acquire down tonight than in his lovely Miami.

“I flourished up about 10 minute from here,” take care of shares through ‘Closer.’ “This area used to be a dairy products farm and also we’d play right here as kids. All my household is in the area and also I wanted to be near them.”

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KC and the Sunshine band in 1970.

After touring v disco hits prefer “That’s The method (I like It)” and also “Get down Tonight” for more than 3 decades, be safe is vital to Harry, even if it is it’s his newfound love the baking (“My pecan pies room famous,” he claims with a smile) or simply easing back on his life room sofa.

“I favor furniture that provides you relax and also feel prefer you never ever want come leave,” that admits.

To review the full story on Harry, pick up the new issue that ‘Closer Weekly,’ on newsstands now!

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