Randstad hold NV, or simply Randstad, is a human resource consulting firm headquartered in Diemen, Netherlands. Second, just to Adecco in size is approximately 4,473 branches in 39 countries and also has 29,750 employees together of 2016.

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Does Randstad drug Test your Employees?

Since Randstad offers human sources to its clients, it absolutely requires its employee to undergo drug testing.

Randstad has actually two varieties of employees—internal employees and also those external employees assigned come its clients.

It is yet reasonable and also logical because that Randstad to employ stringent policies as soon as it involves the screening of its external and internal employees.

In fact, the corporate employee of Randstad are forced to experience random medicine testing.

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Similarly, those who would be employed by client are additionally strictly forced to experience pre-employment drug trial and error to for sure the satisfaction the Randstad clients.

Does Randstad perform Pre-Employment drug Test?

The flexible staffing remedies of Randstad are highly selective, and also each of the candidates experience a thorough qualification screening process. This hiring procedure includes an intensive interview, lift check, an abilities testing, and also degree verification.

Moreover, it requires pre-employment drug testing, especially for candidates who are using for safety-sensitive positions.

However, this pre-employment medicine test is only available to prospective employee after they have actually undergone a thoroughly qualification screening process.

Moreover, this drug testing happens only after girlfriend are detailed with a copy the the company"s drug testing policy, and also after you have actually filled the end the paperwork worrying drug testing.

What medicine Does Randstad test For?

The form of drug test that Randstad makes use of is the traditional 5-panel urine drug test. This form of medicine test is designed to detect the metabolites of THC, Cocaine, Opiates, Amphetamine, and also PCP in the urine of a person.

If Randstad would usage the 4-panel pee test, then the four drugs that would be frequently tested would incorporate THC, Cocaine, PCP, and Opiates.

What varieties of drug Tests are Used?

The pre-employment drug test made use of at Randstad is generally that the a 5-panel urine medicine test.

However, Randstad may additionally opt for the saliva drug test or blood medicine test, depending upon the place or location and also the form of task you are using for.

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Randstad may also require an employee or an applicant to experience 10-panel drug tests, specifically if a prospective employee is using for the safety-sensitive position.