Do you understand what spreads much faster than lice? Myths around it top top the internet. Anecdotal evidence argues that rubbing alcohol can kill lice. The is a popular home remedy for treating lice infestation as it is thought about non-toxic and also safer 보다 pesticides choose permethrin, specifically for toddlers and children. You need to be wondering, how safe can alcohol be? Keep reading to discover out how efficient different varieties of alcohol space in death lice and the risks associated with it.

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What Is Rubbing Alcohol?

Rubbing alcohol or surgical spirit usually contains isopropyl alcohol and, in a couple of cases, ethanol. According to the CDC guidelines, FDA has not cleared any kind of disinfectants with alcohol as the key ingredient (1). However, rubbing alcohol is popularly offered as a surface ar disinfectant as result of its antimicrobial properties.

So, here’s the most crucial question – go it help in death lice? discover out in the following section.

Does Rubbing Alcohol death Lice?

Yes, to part extent. It additionally depends ~ above the type of alcohol girlfriend use. Anecdotal evidence argues that rubbing alcohol (with either isopropanol or ethanol) help in controlling lice infestation, while over there is scientific data sustaining the use of benzyl alcohol to kill lice.

Benzyl Alcohol

The many effective and safe alcohol to treat a lice infestation is benzyl alcohol. 5% benzyl alcohol lotion has actually been authorized by the FDA because that the treatment of head lice (2). This non-neurotoxic subject head lice therapy is for sure for kids as young as 6 months old (3). The alcohol death lice v asphyxiation by closing the respiratory tract spiracles that the louse (4). Thus, the is efficient in death lice however not the nits or lice eggs. A 2nd treatment v benzyl alcohol ~ a week have the right to kill any type of newly flower lice. In rare cases, benzyl alcohol can be mildly irritating. Above a physician if such irritation occurs.

Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol or isopropanol is a transparent, volatile, colorless liquid offered as a solvent and also disinfectant. The is used topically together an antiseptic and also is efficient at 70-90% strength. That is widely thought that this alcohol dissolves the external cell membranes of the louse. Further research is essential to understand the mechanism and efficacy of utilizing isopropyl because that killing lice.

Ethanol Alcohol

Ethanol is offered as a disinfectant, solvent, and preservative due to its antimicrobial properties. That is speculated that ethanol alcohol kills germs through denaturing the moving proteins and dissolving the lipid membrane of the microorganisms. However, the is recommended the you never apply alcohol straight to the scalp.

So, we have actually learned that different alcohols have the right to be used to treat lice. Keep analysis if you desire to recognize the risks associated with using them.

What are The Dangers associated With using Rubbing Alcohol To death Lice?

Allergic: If you space allergic to alcohol, it can cause itching, stinging, and also even hives in excessive cases. A simple patch check on the forearm deserve to be done to check for such reactions.Dehydration the The Scalp: The drying nature that the alcohol have the right to strip away the moisture and natural oils from her hair and scalp. That may also damage the hair follicles.
Chemical Burns: Topical application of alcohol can put girlfriend at danger of getting chemical burns, especially if you have actually sensitive skin or any open wounds or cuts. The solid fumes may cause your eye to tear up and also cause a burn sensation. In situation the alcohol gets right into your eyes, to wash them out instantly with cold water and also seek clinical attention.Alcohol Is Flammable: The extremely flammable nature the alcohol deserve to be a health and wellness hazard, specifically for kids. Using it top top the scalp can put the kid at risk of burns. Make sure you are at a safe distance from any type of open fires once using alcohol to kill lice.


Rubbing alcohol v ethanol or isopropil alcohol have the right to kill lice to some extent. Shampoos or remedies with 5% benzyl alcohol room approved by the FDA for treating lice. They are a safer alternate to harsh pesticides. However, these alcohols likewise come with details risks. Castle can cause allergic reactions, scalp dehydration, and also even chemistry burns. Thus, the is encourage to usage them v caution.

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