Sulfur dichloride is a chemistry compound having chemical formula SCl2. The exists together a liquid through cherry-red texture at standard problems of temperature and pressure. Many of you may have a question about whether SCl2 is polar or not. In this article, we will answer this question and also will sheathe its properties and applications.

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So, Is SCl2 Polar or Nonpolar? SCl2 (Sulfur dichloride) is polar in nature because of bent geometrical shape because of the visibility of lone pair existing on the sulfur atom. Secondly, the difference between the electronegativity that sulfur and also chlorine atoms renders the S-Cl bond polar and also as a result, the entire molecule additionally becomes polar and also gives a network dipole minute of 0.54D.

Sulfur dichloride is a cherry red fluid substance having a pungent smell. Basically, that is developed by the process of chlorination of sulfur.

Below is the chemical reaction the the chlorination that sulfur.

S8 + 4Cl2 ——–> 4S2Cl2 ΔH(Heat enthalphy) = −58.2 kJ/mol

Further chlorination of intermediate compound (S2Cl2).

S2Cl2 + Cl2 ———> 2SCl2 ΔH (Heat enthalphy) = −40.6 kJ/mol

The molecule mass the the SCl2 link is 102.97 g·mol−1, calculated together below

Mol fixed of SCl2 = 1 * 32 (Mol fixed of S) + 2 * 35.4 (Mol massive of Cl) = 102.97 g·mol−1.

If we talk around the chemical composition that the Sulfur dichloride, the molecule consists of 2 atom of chlorine and also 1 sulfur atom.

Sulfur is the central atom surrounding by 2 chlorine atoms. The valence electrons of Sulfur space 6 ie; it has actually 6 electron in its outermost shell and also Chlorine has 7 electron in that is outermost shell.

The chlorine atoms require one electron to complete its octet. Therefore, both chlorine atoms acquire covalently bonded v the sulfur atom leave behind two lone bag on the sulfur atom.

The 2 lone bag on the sulfur atom reason repulsion with the shortcut pairs. Together per VSEPR theory, as result of the electronic repulsion, the shape of the molecule gets bent (V-shape) comparable to that of the water molecule.

The lone pair pushes both S-Cl bond in the bottom directions and resulting in the bent shame molecule.

The molecule that have lone pairs have distorted shape since they reason electronic repulsion amongst the molecule.

If us talk about the electronegativity that its atoms. The electronegativity of chlorine is 3.16 and that of sulfur is 2.58.

Due come this difference in between their electronegativity, the S-Cl bond becomes polar in nature.

Electronegativity of an atom is its stamin with which that can entice the bonded electron pairs towards its side.

As a result, the dipole minute of the S-Cl bond additionally turns the end to no zero and due come the V-shaped structure, the dipole that both bonds go not gain canceled.

The net dipole moment of the whole SCl2 molecule turns out to it is in 0.54D. The sulfur profit partial positive charge vice versa, the chlorine atoms gain partial an adverse charge.

What space Polar and Nonpolar Molecules?

The molecule are organized by the interatomic forces like ionic, covalent, metallic, and hydrogen bonds. This bonds are found in numerous chemical compounds.

Out of these bonds, covalent and also ionic bonds space the strongest. Covalent bonds deserve to be polar and also nonpolar relying on several parameters questioned in the sub-topic.

Polar Molecules: The molecules that have actually non zero value fo their dipole minute are polar in nature. These molecules have actually two poles (positive and also negative) within the molecule.

The atom in these molecules re-superstructure an unequal proportion the charge since they differ in your electronegativity.

More electronegative atom attractive the bonded electron pair slightly an ext towards that side and gains partial an unfavorable charge and also other atom gains fairly positive charge.

In this way, two poles generate across a polar molecule. Few examples of such molecules room IF5, H2O, etc.

You can examine out the reason for the polarity the IF5.

Nonpolar Molecule: The molecule that have zero dipole minute are nonpolar in nature. No poles are produced in together molecules.

The atom in these molecules have a uniform distribution of charge. Two atoms that space covalently bonded form a nonpolar shortcut if lock both have actually equal electronegativity.

Few instances of such molecules are XeF2, Hexane, etc. You can inspect out the factor for then non-polarity that XeF2.

Why is SCl2 a polar molecule?

Sulfur dichloride molecule is a bent shaped molecule due to the presence of two lone pairs on Sulfur atom.

As every the VSEPR theory, the lone pair and also bond pairs reason repulsion amongst them as a result, the S-Cl bonds obtain in the bottom directions bring about the V-shape molecule.

Unlike asymmetric molecules, the dipole minute of S-Cl bonds walk not gain canceled by every other.

The dipole moment of the whole molecule SCl2 comes the end to be 0.54D. The geometrical structure and also the difference in between the electronegativity outcomes in the formation of a polar molecule.

Because the asymmetric form of molecule disperses the charge non-uniformly amongst the atom of the molecule leading to the positive and an unfavorable poles to be created throughout the molecule.

Factors affecting polarity that a molecule

Electronegativity: The electronegativity of atoms forming a covalent bond is one of the crucial parameters to examine whether a molecule is polar or not.

If over there exists a difference between the electronegativity of 2 atoms creating a molecule, the molecule has tendency to it is in polar as result of an imbalance in charge distribution.

Therefore, the polarity that a molecule is directly proportional come the difference in between the electronegativity the atoms.

Geometrical Structure: The shape of a molecule also depicts the polarity that a molecule by merely viewing that shape.

The asymmetrically shame molecules tend to be polar since of some non zero dipole value.

Whereas the symmetrically shame molecules are nonpolar together they get dipoles canceled by each various other in case a molecule consists of a polar bond within it.

Dipole moment: The dipole moment of a molecule is the measure up of the polarity the a molecule. Better the value of the dipole that a molecule more is that is polarity.

Mathematically, it is the product of the fee on the atoms and the distance between them.

D = Q * R

SCl2 Lewis and Geometrical Structure


The lewis structure of a molecule is likewise known together its electron dot structure. It determines the number of valence electrons and also the electrons acquisition participation in developing the bond of the molecule.

If we talk about the lewis framework of SCl2, we must know around the valence electrons of SCl2.

Here, sulfur is the central atom having 6 electrons in its outermost shell, and chlorine atom has actually 7 electrons in its outermost shell and also needs one electron to complete its octet.

Therefore, we have a total of 20 valence electrons current in the SCl2 molecule.

Both chlorine atoms kind covalent bonds through the sulfur atom leaving behind the 2 lone pairs on sulfur atom.

The lone pairs cause repulsion with bond pairs as result of which the S-Cl bonds face force in the bottom direction and the shape of molecules i do not care bent prefer that H2O (water) molecule.

The bond angle of the Cl-S-Cl link is approximately 103 degrees. And the bond length of S-Cl is 201 pm.

Properties that SCl2

It shows up as a red liquid with a pungent odor.The melting allude of sulfur dichloride is roughly −121.0 °C or −185.8 °F and its boiling point is 59 °C or 138 °F.It undergoes hydrolysis in water.The SCl2 molecule has sp3 hybridization of your orbitals.The thickness of this fluid is roughly 1.621 g·cm−3.The autoignition temperature that this link is 234 °C.

Uses the SCl2

It is offered as a chlorinating agent for chlorination purposes.It is also used for the production of insecticides, fabricated rubbers.It is also used in the wood sector for hardening the softwoods.


Sulfur dichloride is a bent shaped molecule because of the visibility of 2 lone bag on the sulfur atom.

The sulfur atom is the main atom surrounding by 2 chlorine atoms with a bond angle of roughly 103 degrees.

The difference between the electronegativity that sulfur and chlorine atoms make the S-Cl link polar and entire molecule results in the dipole moment 0.54 D.

Due to asymmetric geometrical shape and also unequal electronegativity of atoms, the SCl2 molecule is polar.

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Guys, if friend have any type of doubts about the polarity of SCl2, you can ask castle in the comment section. We will answer girlfriend as soon as possible.