So you’ve obtained that bottle of Cointreau triple sec sit in the liquor room for part time now. You opened it, do a couple of drinks, and also pretty much forgot about it.

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That wake up all the moment with alcohol addict beverages. Currently the inquiry “does triple sec walk bad” popped off in her head and also you’re searching for the answer.

Fortunately, triple sec lasts rather a long time and does not require refrigeration. That method that your bottle of Cointreau is most likely perfectly well and totally free for friend to enjoy it.

If you’d prefer to find out a bit much more about storing triple sec, its shelf life, and if it have the right to go bad, this write-up is for you.

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How To save Triple Sec

You should store triple sec pretty much the same means you store hard liquors, favor tequila. That means you must keep that in a cool and also dry area, far from sunlight and sources the heat. The pantry is the perfect place, however a liquor cabinet in the living room is equally good.


In instance you to be wondering, there’s no have to refrigerate triple sec.

Once you open the bottle, the oxidation process starts to execute its thing. In short, oxygen in the wait reacts with the alcohol compounds changing the taste the the liqueur.


If you’d choose to check yourself how oxidation changes the taste the alcohol, pour a tiny amount of triple sec right into a glass and also leave that uncovered overnight. You’ll probably an alert the distinction in flavor the following day.

Fortunately, oxidation deserve to be controlled quite well by restricting accessibility to oxygen.

The first and many important means to carry out that is to seal the bottle tightly as soon as not in use. The second one is come pour triple sec right into a smaller sized bottle when its initial bottle is much less than half-full.

Of course, transferring the liqueur right into a smaller sized bottle makes sense only if you plan on storing that for longer than a couple of months. Otherwise, it’s not worth the trouble due to the fact that the difference in flavor will certainly be negligible.

When it involves storing triple sec in the fridge, feel free to carry out that. Together mentioned, there’s no should keep that in the refrigerator, either unopened or opened. But, like with various other alcoholic beverages, triple sec is finest served chilled


save on computer triple sec in the pantry and chucking it right into the fridge a few hours prior to drinking appears to it is in the finest of both worlds.

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How long Does Triple Sec Last

Even though triple sec is a liqueur, it’s shelf life is pretty much indefinite. Through its high alcohol by volume content of about 35% come 40%, it’s similar to amaretto.

It doesn’t contain any kind of perishable ingredients, for this reason there’s not much in it that deserve to spoil. However, its flavor slowly transforms over time, also in an unopened bottle. That means that after year of storage the slightly orange flavor can be practically gone.

Once you open the bottle, the speed of these transforms increases.

To sum things up, it’s difficult to tell just how long this liqueur will remain at its height quality. One thing is sure, if you save it properly, the time framework will it is in years, not months.

Some party of triple sec can come with a best-by day on the label. Please remember that day is no an expiration day by any kind of means. The just informs you for just how long, in ~ the really least, the liquid will be at height quality. And since triple sec is an extremely high in alcohol, the will conveniently last because that years after that date.

Triple sec (Unopened)10+ years
Triple sec (Opened)3+ years

Please note that the dates above are for finest quality only. Triple sec has pretty lot an indefinite shelf life.

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Does Triple Sec go Bad?

Triple-sec is a high-proof alcohol addict beverage, so it doesn’t yes, really go bad. Unless, the course, you assist it go bad be leaving the lid off, or permitting some contaminants right into the bottle.

Alcohol acts together a herbal preservative and keeps bacteria and mold from cultivation inside the beverage. That being said, over time the high quality of triple sec will slowly drop, and also it will lose some or all of its satisfied citrus flavor.

If you’ve save on computer an opened bottle the triple sec because that a lengthy time, it makes sense to do a rapid exam prior to serving.

Check the smell and the flavor of the liquid. If the odor is off, discard it. If the smells okay, but the taste is somewhat flat and also lacks the orange flavor, you have actually a selection to make. In ~ this point, the top quality of this alcoholic beverage is most likely not good enough to offer it succinct or on the rocks. You deserve to discard it for high quality reasons, or use that in cocktails.

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Triple sec functions wonderfully in a organize of cocktails, such as margarita, sangria, and also others. Other ingredients in cocktails will consist of for what the liqueur lacks.

As usual, if you notice that miscellaneous is wrong through the liqueur regarding odor, appearance, or taste, throw it away. The human mind does a pretty great job the spotting foods and also beverages that might make united state sick. If an alarm goes turn off in her head informing you something is no safe to consume, trust that alarm and also throw that thing away.