In theUnited States, a wood nickel is a woodtoken coin, normally issued by a vendor or bank as a promotion, periodically redeemable for a specific item. Woodennickelswere most generally issued in the U.S. In the 1930′s, after ~ the start of theGreat Depression. A more popular Americanadage, “Don’t take any kind of wooden nickels” is taken into consideration a lighthearted reminder to be cautious in one’s dealings and also is in fact straight related in an interpretation to our story here.

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It begins with the 555th Combat engineer Brigade stationed the end ofFort Lewis Washington, presently recognized as Joint base Lewis-McChord. Serviced by about 40,000 Soldiers and also Airmen, that is the third largest post by populace currently serving in Afghanistan. Beingone the five active duty tactical engineer Brigades in the U.S. Army, the 555th outfit is well-known as“The Triple Nickel”.Additional information have the right to be uncovered on the555 technician Brigade facebook page. Please “Like” their page if you so desire in support of your efforts. Information on your mission in Afghanistan can likewise be found on theJoint Task force Triple Nickel on facebook page.

According come James Mitchell, J3 SGM, JTF the The Triple Nickel,“The wooden Nickel compensation is pretty lot a dunce hat. The old saying “Don’t take any wooden nickels” is directly related. We gather the an elderly Leaders in the HQ and also nominate leader who have made a stunner decision, a publicly mistake or embarrassment. It’s really fun and also helps construct camaraderie among an elderly folks. We all take it a vote and also decide that gets forgive the wooden Nickel. That person must proudly screen the wood Nickel for the whole month till the following nominee is forgive it.”

SGM Mitchell is collection to leaving his write-up for residence soon, and also as that sets to depart, he wants to leaving a legacy of friendship in love and support come his outfit. Gift a jokester, Mitchell loves to laugh and also will it is in leaving a true “wooden nickel” behind to proceed the humor within his group.


SGM Mitchel called’s Karen Bennett from ourcustomer assistance department come inquire if he might send his wood nickel artwork toyellowcomic.comand have it handcrafted. Karen promptly organized a team effort and involved tech support’s Bob Poling that gathered a24″ x 30″ item of plywoodand take it it house to reduced a 23″ diameter wooden nickel. Rob Patterson, warehouse that Specialist, reworked SGM Mitchell’s artwork into a type and document that would work-related’s laser sculpture machine, encapsulating about 8 hrs in the effort. Bob Neff native our return department, transport it out USPS. According to Karen,“USPS tracking fell off the radar ~ above February 23rd with no map of the package come Afghanistan, however ended up arriving safely on march 2nd, ironically the same date that SGM Mitchell plan on handing the end the wooden nickel award.” Karen perfect the wood nickel on her own time usingGeneral Finishes 450 semi-glossfrom Karen likewise sent alongturned wooden pensto the 124 troops in SGM Mitchell’s outfit native’s turning for Troops events, turn by our countless talented volunteering client base.

The very first honorary wooden nickel goes to CPT pride of the 555th, pictured below.

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SGM Mitchell stated,“You watch this good officer sent out a hyperlink the was draft to enable Soldiers to take part in a complimentary coffee program, yet instead sent out a hyperlink that is of food blocked since he had a typo that had actually us directed to a pornographic site. Us all laugh our butts off at the gathering on the 2nd. The error was in fact,“Cup the vs cup that…hilarious….its all around proofreading. The story chin only demands to it is in 55.5% true being the we space the 555th EN BDE…its our tradition!”

Thanks to all involved at for making this happen, and also a substantial thank you and salute goes out to every the service men and women serving abroad and also at home so that us may continue to perform what we do, safely, everyday in the lull of our homes, shops and businesses.