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As good as Nick Nolte, Richard Dreyfuss and also Bette Midler to be in Paul Mazursky’s “Down and Out in Beverly Hills,” they were almost totally upstaged by Mike the Dog. If over there was ever an animal in movie background that deserved one Oscar, it was Mike. Forget Benji, Rin tin Tin, and Lassie, Mike had them every beat in depicting the nasty and also incredibly neurotic Scottish border collie Matisse. His reaction to his owners, the Whiteman family, and his affection because that Nolte’s personality of Jerry Baskin made him as lot a character as anyone rather in this classic comedy. Mazursky and Nolte were enthusiastic in informing stories around Mike as soon as they showed up at the Aero Theatre on respectable 14, 2011 because that this movie’s 25th anniversary screening.

One memorable scene had Nolte ~ above his knee trying to obtain Matisse to eat his dog food by eat it through him. Established to check out this through, Nolte said he went to a surrounding grocery store and also bought all kinds that dog food, largely of the meat variety. Once he began dispensing that into various bowls, however, he noticed the to the side there were various other dog bowls filled with peas and also corn. Nolte went as much as Mike’s trainer, Clint Rowe, and also asked why this bowls were out. To this, Rowe replied, “Mike’s a vegetarian.”


Mazursky had actually even much more stories come tell about Mike and the big star he was. Reminiscing around an waiting France jet that flew on come Europe, he experienced Mike sit in first class and reading a magazine (he didn’t remember which one). World ended up making their means up to an initial class just to see him. Things got even much more bizarre when Mazursky acquired off the aircraft as there to be photographers the end in full pressure at the gate. Mazursky stated he greeted them kindly, however they instead went right previous him to shoot images of Mike.

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Things ultimately reached a last straw once Mazursky went up to his hotel room and found he was no in room 704, but 804. Guess that was there to greet him when he opened the door? That’s right, Mike. In ~ this point, Mazursky looked him dead in the eye and also said, “Out!”

Mike complied and also ran off.

Mike walk on to play Matisse in the short-lived TV version of “Down and Out in Beverly Hills” and also appeared in miscellaneous commercials. The has due to the fact that passed away and also is hanging out with Spuds McKenzie and also the Taco Bell Chihuahua in doggie heaven. Still, his talent has never been shed on anyone that watched the in the 1986 comedy, permit alone those who helped make it. Even during dallies, movie editor Richard Halsey preserved telling Mazursky: