It’s to be ten years since Evil Dead director Sam Raimi had actually a horror film in theaters, yet the legacy of his last scary movie – the excellent and shocking Drag Me come Hell – seems secure. And also yet, even the film, certification Alison Lohman together a loan officer that cancels an old woman’s mortgage and gets cursed come eternal damnation for her sins, was a sizable hit… there has never been a sequel.

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In a new interview through for the upcoming killer alligator movie Crawl, i beg your pardon Sam Raimi produced, us asked the filmmaker for his thoughts about the film ten years later, and why there has never to be a follow-up.

“I look ago really fondly ,” Sam Raimi says.

“I love the crew, ns love working through Alison Lohman and my girlfriend Bob Murawski, my editor. Ns loved shooting it with my old friend Peter Deming, who shot Evil Dead 2 with me. And I simply loved working with my brother Ivan on the script.

“And largely I loved having actually absolute an imaginative control over the film.

“That’s the thing you lose, often, that I had on the picture, and also I really was able to do just what ns wanted,” Raimi remembers. “So in a way, ns feel an excellent about it due to the fact that of that. I frequently feel that when the studio renders you reduced things or include things and change things, that really damages the entire experience because that me. It’s prefer a cascade of… it’s simply awful.”

One that the many memorable moment of drag Me to Hell is the film’s ending, in i m sorry > Alison Lohman’s personality – after reasoning she had escaped Hell’s wrath – gets violently dragged, kicking and also screaming into the underworld, in broad daylight.

And in case anyone to be wondering, Sam Raimi doesn’t think she deserved it.


“No, ns feel the the bad girl was overpunished, together it wake up in life sometimes,” Raimi says.

“It is a morality tale, she did execute the not correct thing, but holy cow, give her a break! but that’s just how this details tale .

“I thought it would be shocking to title the movie ‘Drag Me to Hell’ and also actually end it through giving precisely what the location demanded, and also still do it exceptionally shocking,” Raimi muses. “I assumed that was a yes, really funny cocktail for me.”

But the problem with the ending of traction Me come Hell is that, even ten year later, the so final that Raimi doesn’t understand where a sequel come go.

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“Oh, well, if somebody had a good story,” Raimi says, as soon as we asking if he’d ever think about a follow-up. “I don’t have a story, since in mine mind the character obtained killed, and worse. So i didn’t know how to proceed with the sequel.

“Usually, because that me, ns left with a character like Bruce Campbell, that ns really to be interested or like, or a principle that yes, really feels favor it demands to continue,” Raimi added. “But this is such a definitive finishing that in my mind i didn’t recognize where to begin with a sequel.”

Hey Sam Raimi… if you’re reading this right now, might I suggest Drag Me from Hell, in i m sorry we discover Justin Long’s character has spent the last ten years studying the occult, trying to figure out exactly how to get the love of his life back, and comes up v his own, terrifying plan?

Just sayin’. Sounds cool to me. However if that never materializes, at the very least we’ll have actually Crawl, i m sorry is comes to theater this weekend!