Notes:This is a monologue poem. It"s an ext fun come tell that in a scary story voice approximately a campfire.Script:I come before you, to was standing behind you,To tell you something I recognize nothing about.Admission is free, so pay at the door;Pull up a chair and sit top top the floor.Early this morning late last nightTwo dead soldiers began to fight.Back to earlier they faced each otherDrew their swords and shot each other.A legless donkey passing byKicked both men right in the eye.It knocked them end a 10 foot wallInto a ditch and drowned lock all.A hearing disabled policeman heard their criesAnd came and also shot those two dead guys.If friend don"t believe this story"s true,Ask the blind male - he experienced it too!Click one come vote: did you choose it?
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One glowing Morning Skit (variation)One bright morning in the middle of the night,Two dead boys started to fight.Back to back they challenged each other,Drew their swords and also shot each other.A deaf policeman heard the noise,And came and shot the 2 dead boys.
Ladies and also gentelmen, hoboes and tramps,bald headed mosquitoes and bowlegged ants.I stand before you to was standing behind youto tell you about something I recognize nothing about:One glowing morning in the middle of the nighttwo dead boys acquired up come fight.Back to earlier they faced each other,pulled the end a knife and also shot each other.The hearing disabled policeman heard the noiseand went to kill the 2 dead boys.If girlfriend don"t think this story is true,ask the blindman he witnessed it too!
I am 77 yrs old, mine dad born in 1893 usage to to speak the "One bright morning----when ns was a kid. The only differance was about the hearing deactivated policeman. Dad said it as "came and also arrested those 2 dead boys." This skit is quite old.
One glowing Morning (In Spanish) - Una Mañana Brillante (En Español) - Una mañana brillante. Una mañana brillante en medio de la noche, dos chicos muertos salieron a pelear. De espaldas se peleaban, sacaban espadas y se disparaban. Un policía sordo oyó el ruido, y vino y mató a los dos niños muertos.

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I learned a various the ending:If you don"t believe this tale so tallAsk the remote man, he observed it all
One shining morning in the middle of the night, 2 dead boys obtained up come fight. Ago to ago they faced each other, drew their swords and shot every other. A hearing deactivated policeman heard the noise, and also ran up to conserve the two dead boys. If you dont think me this story"s true.Ask the blindman- he experienced it also