Microsoft Excel can"t insert new cells since it would press non north cells off the finish of the worksheet.

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This happens when I try to insert a brand-new row of data. I should keep every one of the data top top the paper I already have. I only have actually 56 rows, so i think I need to be able to add more...



Excel has actually a minimal number that rows and columns (which varies through version).

To find your critical cell through data in it, click on any kind of cell and also then push Ctrl+End.This will then take it you come the furthest from A1 which has content. You"ll must remove what is over there to add extra rows.



I had actually the same.

Erased critical columns and also rows

Selected all cells from last offered cell to the bottom, cleared content and also cleared formatting and also cleared rules.

Did not assist immediately, however worked after a save and also reopen.


To deal with no sufficient Column scenario:

Unmerge the rows(optional): If you have any type of entire row gain merged, remove them, don"t do that. (many people stuck here)(It may stop girlfriend from doing the formatting track)Select unneeded columns: pick your very first empty column(the leftmost one), jump to the end of the sheet utilizing ctrl+shift+end to select all empty columns on the best till the critical one.Clear formatting & content of selected cells: execute not use delete cells feature, as the Excel will certainly re-generate the cell in the same format, that"s why the won"t work. Use the Clear button on the left of kind & Filter instead. Usage Clear all to clear both formatting and also content that the cells, so they can be treat together empty cells afterwards.

For no sufficient Rows scenario:

It"s practically the same. :P

It would perform the trick. Hope this may help.

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My difficulty was that the sheet had actually Freeze Panes enabled. Clearing that cleared the issue.

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This happened to me some time ago as well, so when I stumbled across this inquiry I assumed I might share mine experience.

Approach #1: Deleting rows and columns

As Matt B mentions in his answer, the first thing to try is come delete the columns which room taking up place.

Let us assume that your data supplies columns A to T and also rows 1 to 20.

First off, select cell U1 and also press CTRL+SHIFT+RIGHT to note all cells from T1 come XFD1 (the right-most shaft Excel deserve to display). Right-click any kind of cell, select "Delete" and also "Entire column". Currently you have gained rid of the columns.

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Next, select cell A21 and press CTRL+SHIFT+DOWN to note all cells from A21 to A1048576 (the highest possible row number Excel displays). Right-click any kind of cell, pick "Delete" and "Entire row". This will eliminate the rows.

Now it should work, as you have gotten rid of every excess columns and row.

Approach #2: making use of VBA

When i encountered this issue, the over solution go not work-related for me. However, ns eventually discovered a systems that did work.

Right-click the sheet that is leading to problems. Choose "View Code"Press CTRL+G to open box "Immediate"Type in ActiveSheet.UsedRange. This will force Excel to "drop" all cells not right now in use, thus freeing up the room you have to create brand-new columns or rows.

I hope this helps you or any other soul out over there desperate to create brand-new rows or columns in Excel.