Star Wars: The force Unleashed II 10 ideal Costumes, Ranked Star Wars: The pressure Unleashed II carried on the tradition of the an initial game, and also featured some an excellent new costume designs for the characters.

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The 2010 followup of Star Wars: The force Unleashed carried top top the goal of the very first game, showcasing just exactly how absurdly powerful the force can be. When again focused on the story of Galen Marek a.k.a "Starkiller", the mystery apprentice of Darth Vader, Star Wars: The force Unleashed II was another fantastic side story that the expanded Star Wars universe.

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Along with the wonderful story came part pretty significant costumes, both for Starkiller (actually his clone) and plenty that the game"s sustaining characters. Indigenous outfits influenced specifically because that the game to costumes seen approximately the iconic Star Wars films, right here are ten that the finest costumes from Star Wars: The pressure Unleashed II.

The Terror Troopers to be designed to it is in an elite squadron of imperial stormtroopers modeled after ~ the infamous basic Grievous. Both the faceplates of their helmets and the lengthy talons overhanging their gloves were inspired by the droid leader.

It seems as despite this unique set of troopers were always meant to resemble droids as opposed come actual world in suits of armor. Their look, highlighted by dark colors with sparks of orange filtered throughout it, is still one of the cooler stormtrooper costumes you"ll see.

9 Tie Flightsuit

one of the first legitimate outfits Starkiller sporting activities in the sequel game is the Tie Flightsuit. The costume merges the uniform that an royal Tie Fighter pilot through the test subject clothing Starkiller wears in ~ the game"s beginning.

The Tie Flightsuit costume is much much less bulky 보다 the classic armor the the Tie Fighter pilots but still keeps the wholly black aesthetic. With one of the leather flaps pulled down, exposing the irradiate blue the the Starkiller clone"s test topic outfit, the costume together a whole gets a little an ext flair than if the was just wearing the suit the method it to be intended.

A great amount of Starkiller"s cooler costumes all have actually one point in common. They beautifully incorporate the color red among many others. Rather of opting because that a single color making up the costume, these couple of make red the star the the suit, incorporating much more muted colors approximately it.

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One example of these species of costumes is the Blood Armor of Starkiller"s clone. The Blood Armor rather resembles a darkened version of Starkiller"s Temple expedition costume native the very first game, obviously making use of the dark blacks and also grays of the Sith 보다 the whites or tans that the Jedi. It also looks as though it has actually the very same lined black pants and sleeves offered in Darth Vader"s top suit.

7 Jedi Leia

among the cooler storylines of Star Wars, that fans obtained a quick look in ~ in The rise of Skywalker, features what it would certainly look favor if Leia had taken on the path of a Jedi. Her link to the force has constantly been well-known, but what she would look favor as a Jedi is rarely seen. During the Battle of Endor DLC, Princess Leia ditches she rebel outfit from Return of the Jedi to showcase a new outfit inspired from her original white costume, however with a Jedi twist that renders it more practical for combat. The watch is made complete, and also ultimately lot cooler as soon as she reveals her yellow lightsaber.

It"s hard not to salary tribute to the iconic costume that Boba Fett. The green Mandalorian armor he wears is identical to his fit of the original Star Wars trilogy.

There"s not much to the armor"s appearance the you don"t currently know. However, even a costume that"s been seen so countless times and for such a lengthy time deserve to be thought about one of the best. Boba Fett"s above armor will constantly be one of the coolest costumes that Star Wars has to offer.

5 experimental Jedi Armor

as well as the temple Guards, The Jedi have actually never really been well-known for wearing complete suits that armor, particularly those accompanied by face-covering helmets. Well, The force Unleashed II showcased an example of what a suit of Jedi armor would certainly look like.

The armor is basically what girlfriend would suppose a white Sith outfit come look like. It provides a an ext sleek design, the opposite a bulkier set of armor prefer Vader"s, through light shining native the helmet. As the "experimental" of the title offers away, this armor most likely wasn"t about for long and was especially meant to be worn through Starkiller. No matter, though, the armor is design incredibly and would it is in awesome come see lugged to the big screen somehow.

among the cooler elements of the Force Unleashed games is its organization of iconic costumes from the original and prequel Star Wars trilogies. Over there aren"t too numerous that players have the right to use that aren"t a component of additional mod packs, yet there are those choose few.

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In the franchise"s second game, one of the finest callback outfits payment tribute come Luke Skywalker"s time ~ above Dagobah. With Yoda slung end his back, it precisely mirrors the battered and also worn outfit that he wears throughout his Dagobah training and also it looks absolutely perfect.

3 Maulkiller

among the major themes of the second Force Unleashed game is the expansion of the cloning process. As the clone troopers ended up being less and also less common, and regular civilization took over as stormtroopers, the cloning process phased out. At the very least that"s what anyone is brought about believe.

As the game exposes, Darth Vader started running a cloning procedure of his own, utilizing his previous apprentice"s DNA at the foundation. Among the countless clones the he creates is Maulkiller. This clone is essentially just a mashup of Darth Maul and Starkiller"s DNA, showcasing a look virtually identical to Maul"s however instead of being red, he"s gray. The being said, you could create a variation of Maul in basically any type of color and also it would certainly be just as cool as his original design.

just like the initial games, The force Unleashed II has some incredible alternating looks for Starkiller. One of the finest of them every is the Jedi Hunter. Much like the Blood Armor, this costume"s aesthetic is do by the usage of red. To go together with the costume"s armored facets there room beautiful drapes that red consisting of a an excellent red hood to complete the entire look. Every in all, it"s an exceptional look that gives Starkiller a actual sense of malice, and also its a dead it to be an outfit only supplied in the game.

1 Dark Apprentice Robes

although the key clone the Starkiller was able to defy Darth Vader, part were much more compliant. Among his most trusted clones wore a costume, titled the Dark Apprentice Robes, directly inspired by Vader"s above suit.

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The head-to-toe all-black watch is incredible and makes the clone feel just as dark, menacing, and powerful as his master. It even utilizes a robotic chest piece as with Vader. Just as we"ve viewed in other Sith Lords, any costume influenced by the aesthetic the Darth Vader is ultimately going come look fantastic.

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