Fairy Tail: 10 points You Didn't Know about Gray and also Juvia's partnership Fairy Tail"s Gray and also Juvia have a powerful relationship, however what don"t fans know around the relationship between these 2 characters?

When fans think the Fairy Tail, they think the the strength of friendship or Nakama and the slim amount of shipping the went on in the series. Everyone fans can think of was either placed in a canon or fanon ship, even civilization like Laxus. Few were as well-received together Gray and Juvia or Gruvia for short.

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It"s hard not to like them once Gray is just one of the better-developed personalities in the whole series, and also Juvia has an earnest love that fans can"t assist but enjoy. In addition to Natsu and also Lucy, lock are one of the longer-running pearl in the series, definition they have an ext than a couple of things the biggest fans might not even know.

It"s more than a little surprising when fans element in exactly how cold Juvia was in the direction of Gray when the guild acquired transported to Edolas. Juvia couldn"t stomach teaming v Gray and also could barely even look at him, claiming that she got warm just looking at all the class he had actually on.

Their individualities didn"t it seems to be ~ to enhance either together Juvia was far an ext dominant the the pair, yet, by the time of the 1000 year quest, the two had actually married and had a kid called Greige.

In 2007, throughout comic con, Mashima made fan art that Juvia and also Gray"s kid for a fan. That was simply step one, as he later posted arts of the boy onto his twitter, this time together Lucy and Natsu"s kid.

Fans can see so lot of Gray in the kid, with a small bit of Juvia sprinkled in. Natsu and also Lucy"s child, however, just looks prefer a mash-up that their 2 characters, throw their 2 traits right into a blender and seeing what shoot out. It does make fans wonder what a spin-off series like Boruto would look like.

Mashima is rather notorious for leaving pearls open-ended and letting the pan decide that is v who, rarely ever confirming the plethora of ships the were existing in the series.

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Thankfully, through the end of the series, the confirmation come for the pair, Gray ultimately admitting his true feelings come Juvia, saying the she to be his. Offered how lot Juvia had been through his side, that was about time the he manned up and admitted her favored her too.

7 I have the right to No longer See Love

top top the cover of chapter 532, the pair room seen in one of the panels that depicted many of the canon and also semi-canon relationships in the series, showing exactly how much Mashima himself supported the relationship.

He"s not the only one either, Juvia"s voice actress, mai Nakahara, showed much more than a little excitement over it as well. It"s constantly been one of the an ext popular ships, appropriate up there through NaLu, Gale, and Jerza.

Every Septemeber 10th is Gruvia day, a celebration because that all things Gruvia. It started as just a fan day, countless just posting their pan art or stories around the pair.

It evolved past that lately, as also Mashima has gotten into the act, celebrating right together with the pan via his twitter page. No matter what fans might think of his writing, it"s always great when an writer can connect with his pan the way Mashima does through his.

5 guess By Eisenwald

In the anime, there to be a happen comment by among the Eisenwald members that Gray"s life would soon have women and water in it, a hint in the direction of Juvia due to the fact that she"s a water mage.

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It to be a little little easter egg that the anime has the deluxe of adding in that have the right to spice increase what at times were mundane exchanges between minor villains in Fairy Tail. It likewise showed that even the showrunners were in donate of the ship, currently showing it a little bit of love.

It"s tough to ignore that Juvia is a little off she rocker with just how much she loves Gray. She"s willingly tried come commit suicide for him and been an ext than a bit stalkerish towards the ice mage transparent the series.

Nothing is as bad as the borderline shrine Juvia has towards him, possessing much more Gray memorabilia than should exist in Fiore. Also if they do a cute pair and her love because that him is genuine, fans can"t ignore exactly how creepy she is in ~ times.

3 Similarities through NaLu

Their two relationships space compared and also contrasted through one one more a ton during the Alvarez arc, the whole final season reflecting just exactly how much the Natsu and Gray cared because that both Lucy and Juvia.

That"s ~ above no an ext display 보다 that their evident deaths bring about both of them to fly off the handle, bring about Natsu turning into END and also Gray rushing turn off to challenge him in a fight that could have finished up with them both shedding their lives.

Even prior to Gray admitted his feelings for her, castle were always compatible in battle. Just like Lucy and Natsu, castle often combated side by side in combat, always looking out for one another.

Unlike the other pair, your magic blended as seamlessly together their teamwork, letting them pull off feats very couple of were qualified of. One such method was the Unison Raid, a complete blend of their 2 magics right into one focused blast.

1 Lyon opened Gray"s Eyes

the was much from intentional as Lyon had his own feelings because that Juvia, wanting to take her as his own, yet he helped open Gray"s eye to just how he felt around her.

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His attempts come woo her resulted in Gray to get defensive, to see that the cared about Juvia as an ext than just a friend, the he wanted much more out of their relationship. Now he didn"t completely act on them until later in the series, however, it"s hesitant Gray would have lived with Juvia prior to the Avatar arc had actually it not been for Lyon"s moves.

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