Lyric has announcedthe full details of the 2021/22 Season, including the Chicago premiere that Terence Blanchard’s powerfulFire Shut up in my Bones.Learn more about this bold and also affecting opera and also see the stunning brand-new co-production between Lyric, the metropolitan Opera, and also Los Angeles Opera bysecuring her seats through a subscription today.

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Based top top the memoir that the very same title through American journalist Charles M. Blow, Fire Shut increase in my Bones explores themes of sexual identity and masculinity focused on a specifying moment in Charles’s life. It tells a profound story about a young man’s trip to get over a life of trauma and also hardship. At the period of seven, Charles is molested through an larger cousin, and also the opera starts with that is protagonist intended to kill his cousin in an action of revenge. Transparent the opera, Charles is visited by powerful female spirits, Destiny and also Loneliness, and also later meets Greta, a university classmate he falls in love with and also in who he confides. Once Charles discovers the his cousin has returned to your Louisiana hometown, that races house from university to face his past. Memories and shadows surround Charles together he strives come move beyond a bicycle of violence and also forge a brave new path.


This haunting, powerful, and tender coming-of-age story has been acclaimed together "stunning" (Essence), "riveting" (Chicago Tribune), and also "exquisite" (The brand-new York Times) after its premiere in ~ Opera Theatre of St. Louis in 2019.

Composer Terence Blanchard is an award-winning jazz musician who has composed more than fourty film scores and who has actually performed on more than fifty. That is a frequent collaborator v filmmaker Spike Lee and also received an Academy award nomination for best Original Score for Lee’s 2018 film, BlacKkKlansman. He offered as the artistic director for the Thelonious Monk institute of Jazz and the Henry Mancini institute at the university of Miami.


Librettist Kasi Lemmons is one actor and also director best known for her functions as Ardelia Mapp in Jonathan Demme"s The quiet of the Lambs and together Bernie Walsh in 1992’s Candyman. Lemmons made she directorial debut in 1997 v Eve"s Bayou, and an ext recently directed the critically acclaimed Harriet, around abolitionist Harriet Tubman. Fire is Lemmon’s very first adaptation the a memoir right into a libretto.


Here room some other necessary things to note about the opera and also Lyric’s production:

The city Opera announced thatFire Shut up in mine Bones
will open its 2021/22 Season.The new coproduction being occurred between Lyric, the Met, and Los Angeles Opera will closeLyric’smainstage 2021/22 Season.The opera is based upon the riveting memoir through Charles M. Blow, a journalist and columnist forThe brand-new York Timesand politics commentator ~ above CNN and MSNBC. The wasThe brand-new York Timesgraphics editor because that eight years and likewise served asNational Geographicmagazine’s arts director.Charles Blow’s 2014 memoir was on theNew York TimesBestseller list, received a Lambda literature Award Winner, and was long-listed because that the PEN Open publication Award. The is the writer of the forthcomingThe devil You Know: A Black strength Manifesto(HarperCollins, February 2021).Lyric"s production will feature baritoneWill Liverman, a Ryan Opera facility alumnus who freshly workshopped his brand-new operaThe Factotumwith Lyric. The rest of the cast includes sopranoLatonia Moore, sopranoJacqueline Echols, tenorChauncey Packer, and also baritoneChristopher Kenney, that is additionally an alumnus the the Ryan Opera Center.

New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow’s extensively acclaimed memoir is the source for this very moving story the his traumatic youth in Louisiana. What an remarkable collection the talent — composer Terence Blanchard, among the many influential figures in American jazz; librettist Kasi Lemmons, director of such remarkable films asHarrietandEve’s Bayou; and a topflight actors including many of America’s most brilliant to sing actors.

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Fire Shut increase in my Bonesis one opera because that today, revealing the Black endure in this nation as couple of other operas have done.

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