The 3.0L V6 engine in Mazda 6, MPV and also Tribute models is practically identical come the Ford 3.0L Duratec engine used in the Ford Taurus, Escape, Freestyle and also Fusion, Jaguar S-Type and X-Type, and also Lincoln LS. It is a twin overhead electronic came (DOHC) engine that has remained in production because 1996. The engine has two timing chains (one for each cylinder head).Replacing the time chains is a difficult, time-consuming job that might take 9 come 12 hrs to complete. Accessing the timing chains needs removing all of the accessories from the former of the engine, removing the former cover and also oil pan, both valve covers, and the best halfshaft and crossmember! You additionally need a puller to gain the water pump pulley and crankshaft pulley-block off. This is no a job for a novice.Adding to the challenge of the project is the truth that there is no height Dead center (TDC) timing mark on the crankshaft. This makes it tricky come align the camshaft sprockets come the crankshaft. The number one piston have to be at peak Dead facility when the crankshaft pulley-block keyway is at the 11 o�clock position.

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To eliminate the Old timing Chains:

Rotate the crankshaft clockwise till crank wheel keyway is in the 3 o�clock position.The timing mark for the entry camshaft need to be pointing right, and also the note on the exhaust camshaft should be straight up.

Then eliminate the ideal Hand time chain materials in the following order:1) Chain tensioner2) Tensioner arm3) timing chain4) Chain guide5) time chain crankshaft sprocketNext, rotate the crankshaft clockwise one and also two-third revolutions. The crank pulley keyway need to be in ~ the 11 o�clock position again.The timing mark for the Left camshaft have to now it is in pointing come the left, and also the exhaust camer timing mark should be directly up.

You deserve to now eliminate the Left Hand timing contents in the exact same order together before.

Mazda timing Chain Installation

First, compress the right and also left chain tensioners in a vice until the pistons are all the means in. Lock the pistons in ar with a paperclip.The new timing chain should have actually three significant links that will certainly align v the point out on the camshaft sprockets and crankshaft gear. One link will align through the note on the crankshaft gear opposite the keyway. The other two marks web links will align with the intake and exhaust camer sprockets. Exactly how do you understand which is which? counting the variety of links between the significant links ~ above the chain.

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Mazda states there room 29 web links from the crankshaft timing note to the significant link for the exhaust camshaft sprocket, and 42 web links from the crank timing mark to the intake camshaft sprocket timing mark.Install the Left time chain first, in the turning back order the components were removed.Once the Left time chain has actually been installed, revolve the crankshaft clockwise till the keyway is in the 3 o�clock position. You deserve to now download the appropriate timing chain components.After both time chains have actually been installed, remove the paper clip native both chain tensioners.Make certain you have the camshaft sprockets and also crank correctly aligned by rotating the crankshaft clockwise until the keyway is back to the 11 o�clock position again. The significant links top top the Left chain should align v the left camshaft sprockets.

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