Alrighty, I think I have actually a transmission difficulty with mine car listed above SE model. It has been going on because that a few months now and also I'm a low income human I carry out not have actually the money to obtain it resolved or also looked in ~ by a professional. For this reason my automobile seems to obtain stuck in equipment or wont change into equipment its get stuck in second and third gear then ultimately it ultimately kicks into gear and it's actual loud prior to it go kick right into gear. As soon as I step on the gas difficult it revs up exceptionally loud and also the vehicle doesn't even go any faster. Is this a infection slipping?

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Hi, It does sound favor it is slipping. The an initial thing we have to do is check the fluid level and also condition. Below are directions. The pic below correlates through the directions. We may just have a low fluid condition._______________Check liquid Level and Condition CAUTION: The automobile should not be driven if the liquid level indicator reflects the fluid below the perform NOT DRIVE mark or inner failure could result. If the vehicle has been operated for an extended duration of time at highway speeds, in city traffic, in warm weather or if pulling a trailer, the fluid needs come cool under to obtain precise reading. The fluid level analysis on the fluid level indicator will differ depending upon operating and ambient temperatures. The exactly reading should be within the normal operating temperature range.Fluid Level check Under normal circumstances the fluid level should be checked during normal maintenance. If the transaxle starts to slip, move slowly, or shows indications of liquid leaking, the liquid level should be checked. 1. Through the transaxle in (P) PARK, the engine in ~ idle, foot pressed ~ above the brake, relocate the selector bar through each gear and permit engagement of each gear. Place the selector lever in the PARK position. 2. Wipe the liquid level indicator cap and remove the liquid level indicator. 3. Wipe the fluid level indicator through a clean cloth.Pic 14. Download the liquid level indicator ago in the liquid filler tube until it is completely seated, then eliminate the indicator. The fluid level should be in ~ the typical operating range.High liquid Level A liquid level that is too high may cause the fluid to become aerated because of the churning activity of the rotating inner parts. This will cause erratic control pressure, foaming, ns of liquid from the vent tube, and possible transaxle break down and/or damage.

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If an overfill analysis is indicated, refer to Transmission liquid Drain and also Refill.Low fluid Level A low fluid level could result in poor transaxle engagement, slipping, breakdown and/or damage. This could also indicate a leak in among the transaxle seals or gaskets.Let me recognize what you discover or if you have other questions.Take care and also God Bless, Joe