Elements and also Principles of design – Pre-TestDo not compose on this check paper. Note your answers on the scan-tron cards v a #2 pencil. Do NOT usage pen. Mark answer very black.

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 1. A form of balance in i m sorry both sides of a composition are well balanced yet different.A. AsymmetricalB. RadialC. SymmetricalD. Geometric2. Officially balance is one more word for which type of balance?A. AsymmetricalB. RadialC. SymmetricalD. Geometric3. I m sorry of the following is another word for "center of interest"?A. Focal PointB. EmphasisC. DominanceD. Every one of the above
4. A plan for selecting colors because that a ingredient is additionally known together a ________.A. Shade spectrumB. Shade WheelC. Color SchemeD. Color Mix5. The circular chart provided to remember shade relationships is a ________.A. Color SchemeB. Shade WheelC. Shade RayD. Shade Circle6. Secondary colors are obtained by mixing two ___________ colors.A. Neutral colorsB. Complementary colorsC. Primary colorsD. Intermediate or Tertiary colors7. Colors are claimed to be difference if they room _____________.A. Various in lightness and also darkness.B. Light in value.C. Dark in value.D. Bright and intense.8. Contrast can be produced by utilizing ____________.A. Smooth and also rough textures.B. Big and tiny shapes.C. Level areas versus areas the patterns.D. Every one of the above.9. Cool colors room ______________.A. Orange, green and also purple (or violet).B. Blue, green and also violet (or purple).C. Yellow, blue and red.D. White, black and also brown.10. Warmth colors are____________.A. Yellow, red, and also orange.B. Yellow, red and also blue.C. Yellow, green and blueD. Orange, purple and green11. Yellow-orange, red-orange, and also yellow-green are instances of_______.A. Intermediate or Tertiary colors.B. Second colorsC. Main colorsD. Triadic colors.12. One more word for brightness of a color is __________.A. ValueB. IntensityC. HueD. Complementary13. The art element that describes the sense of touch is___________A. ValueB. PatternC. TextureD. ShapeThe following questions room True or False. Note A for True and B for False on her scan-tron card. Usage a #2 pencil only.14. Monochromatic describes a painting done in one color.15. You cannot watch through an item or material that is transparent.16. An adverse shape is the elevator or room around the subject of the artwork.17. Rate is created when visual elements are repeated. Rhythm might be alternating, regular, flowing, progressive, or jazzy.18. Variation is crucial in a work-related of art. Sport is the usage of the very same lines, shapes, textures, and also colors.19. A related color scheme would be colors that are beside each other on the color wheel.20. Analogous colour is an additional term because that complementary colors21. Red and green are examples of security colors.22. The color arrangement of red, yellow and also blue is an example of a triad color scheme.23. Unit is obtained by repeating colors and shapes -- all parts of a architecture are working with each other as a team.24. Tints of colors might be created by including white. Pink is a tint of red.25. Soot is an art facet that way darkness or lightness of a surface. Matching- choose the correct arrangement from the list on the ideal for the colors detailed on the left. You may use letters much more than once. 26. Blue and orange.27. Red, yellow, and blue28. Yellow, yellow-orange, orange29. Red and also green30. Orange, green and violet (or purple)31. Purple, blue, and also red-violetA. Major TriadB. Associated or analogous colorsC. Secondary colorsD. Safety colors
 Match the definition on the left to the correct word top top the right. Note the exactly letter on her scan tron card.32. Colors that are across from eachother ~ above the shade wheel.33. Three colors that room equaldistance personally on the shade wheel34. Colors the are next to each otheron the shade wheel.35. Colors obtained by mixingsecondary colors and primary colors.A. Intermediary or Tertiary colorsB. Analogous colorsC. Shade triadD. Safety colors
 Match the definition on the left to the word on the right. Note the correct letter on your scan-tron sheet. 36. Obtained by including white come a hue.37. Obtained by mix two primary colors.38. Derived by adding black to a hue.39. Colors that go through all color plans-- white, black, gray and also brown.A. NeutralsB. TintsC. Secondary colorsD. Shades
 Select a word from the word financial institution on the best to to fill in the blank of the complying with statements. Note the exactly letter on your scan-tron sheet.

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40. Intuitive __________ is completed when all components of a composition show up to have equal weight. It seems stable.41. ______ in a work-related is derived by repeating colors and shapes--all parts of a architecture are working with each other as a team.42. Another term for facility of interest is ____________.43. Lines, colors, or shapes repeated over and over in a planned way is ___________.A. Focal pointB. UnityC. BalanceD. Pattern
 Select an element or word form the list on the best that finest fills in the blank of the adhering to statements. You may repeat words. 44. _______refers come the lightly or darkness the a color.45. _______ refers to the brightness or dullness the a color.46. The facet that refers to the tactile features is ____________.47. __________may be actual or simulated together in rubbings or drawn wood-grain.48. ___________may it is in geometric or organic.49. The pure hue is at its brightest _______ appropriate from the bottle.50. Turbulent is an example of _________.A. ShapeB. ValueC. IntensityD. Texture
Answer Key1A2C3D4C5B6C7A8D9B10A11A12B13C14T15F16T17T18F19T20F21T22T23T24T25T26D27A28B29D30C31B32D33C34B35A36B37C38D39A40C41B42A43D44B45C46D47D48A49C50D

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