It’s no secret that Walt Disney people vacation price are constantly on the rise. But even in this era that $200 Halloween parties and paid accessibility to the formerly cost-free expedited queue access, there are still a few freebies the are accessible to any type of Disney people guest. Here are ten that you might want to check out throughout your Disney people vacation.

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1. Transportation

I reap the free Skyliner much more than numerous of the in-park rides.

Free wonder Express from the plane is going away at the end of the year, but all the on-campus transportation is still free. This has the monorail, buses, boats, and Skyliner. Because that me, talk the Skyliner is just as fun and exciting as countless of the in-park rides that need the acquisition of an admission ticket – the views are stellar and it gives you a genuine sense of the scope of the resorts. Many world feel an in similar way about talk the monorail. You might easily fill fifty percent a job sampling every the transport options.

For some extra oomph, shot riding the Skyliner or monorail after ~ dark as soon as Spaceship earth is illuminated v her new evening light show.

2. Fireworks Viewing

Much that the Magic Kingdom fireworks action can be seen from locations outside the park. That way you get most that the oooh and also ahhh results without paying for a park ticket or subjecting you yourself to the like of crowds within the park. And, an excellent news, plenty of of areas from i m sorry you can see the fireworks exterior the park, such together the monorail line will beaches, additionally pipe in the firework show music and narration. Mine favorite free spot to watch the fireworks is native the walkway between Bay Lake Tower and the modern resort. This elevated vantage point lets friend see several of the lock area as well as the flashes in the sky.

The bay Lake Tower walkway is great spot from which to see the fireworks.

3. Electric Water Pageant

This sweet show has been about forever and also it still brings a smile to my confront every time I see it. The Pageant travels the waterways around the Magic Kingdom many hotels every evening, weather permitting. Seize a point out on the beach and get ready for part old-school happy.

4. Movie Under the Stars

Most Walt Disney world resorts offer cost-free outdoor movies, weather permitting. The movie are different at every hotel and rotate monthly. You don’t have to be a guest of the hotel to stay and also watch. The movie at the Boardwalk resort are specifically popular as world encounter them while strolling the sights and also then stop to reap the show. Together an added bonus, some hotels additionally hold campfires through marshmallow roasts nearby.

The electrical Water Pageant is a charming diversion.

5. Check out Exotic pets

Disney’s pet Kingdom Lodge is surrounding by animal viewing areas. Giraffes, zebras, ostrich, and a host of various other exotic creatures regularly stroll through the outdoor viewing locations at both the Jambo and also Kidani town locations. You don’t need to be a guest that the Lodge or to buy a park ticket to stop by and watch these splendid beings.

6. Enjoy the Entertainment at Disney Springs

There is loads of free entertainment accessible at Disney Springs, varying from high school dance troupes performing on a waterside stage, to a strolling musicians through an accordion or a piano attached come a bicycle. Look because that bands performing exterior at residence of Blues, Splistville, and Raglan Road.

The Wilderness Lodge geyser is constantly a thrill.

7. Watch a Geyser Erupt

The Wilderness Lodge geyser erupts several times transparent the day. It’s a hoot to check out unsuspecting visitors watch the massive spout.

8. Souvenirs

Many Disney souvenirs are expensive, yet there space ephemeral items that can conveniently serve as totally free souvenirs of your visit. Park maps are colorful and also reminders of your trip, they’re free and obtainable at all Disney world resorts and also at the Guest Relations center at Disney Springs. Celebration event buttons (first visit, happy birthday, etc.) space also cost-free and accessible at the same locations.

Guests relaxing in prior a totally free movie at Disney’s Boardwalk resort.

9. Visit a horse Barn

Fort Wilderness is residence to some of the countless horses that work-related at Walt Disney World, including those the pull the Magic Kingdom trolley and the white ponies that sometimes show up at the wedding pavilion with a glass carriage. Guests are welcome to stop by and also pay lock a visit.

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10. Grab some Ice Water

Bottled water will certainly run girlfriend at the very least $3.00 each at Walt Disney World, however every quick company restaurant in ~ Disney people will give you a cup of ice cream water because that free. This works in the design template parks and also resorts. If you’re out trying out the hotels and also need some hydration, just stop through the food court and also get a chilled beverage.